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POTW ~ Week Ending 29/03/2020
Some wonderful pictures for me to choose from for POTW......... there are enough pictures to last a month let alone a week in the stay at home challenge.

But I'm going to choose the picture that was actually the first picture posted of the week which was probably less than 2 hours in.

Its a wonderful example of this lady's processing skills and included in the post are the pictures she used to create the final result.........Trumpets in the rain......................Congratulations Polly, I will repeat my comment "simply stunning"
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POTW - Week Ending 22/3/2020
My turn for POTW again...
There were quite a few really good images to choose from this week.
Honourable mentions go to:
Barbara for These Boots and
VW Golf for Guess what I'm shooting in my social distancing time?

But my choice for this week is this fabulous Isle of Man harbour from johntwo:

I love the processing on this and the image really appealed to me as it looks so much like a scene from my beloved Cornwall.
Full thread here.
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POTW ~ Week Ending 08/09/2019
Right it's POTW time and its my first time on the panel so no booing and throwing rotten tomatoes in my direction at my decision.

There has been the usual high standard of shots for me to choose from and I shall do a few honorable mentions.

First honorable mention is Fuji who has been on a one man mission this week with his new DIY lens with some wonderful results. I particularly liked the bee and the watch shot.
Next picture that caught my eye was Rogerw and his capture of a weasel, quite a rare sight so an excellent capture.
Sneaking in late into my thinking was the wonderful set of sunset pictures from Rybear I especially liked the second shot.
And clever entries from Clicker & Ryewolf they nearly turned my head as I mentioned in a picture from last week I'm a sucker for an owl picture.


But this week my POTW goes to.............................. JohnP for this wonderful shot of a pair of Large Red Damselflies < (click for full thread)
The red bodies against the crossing green leaf, the detail in the delicate gossamer wings all make for a wonderful picture. 

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POTW - Week Ending September 1st 2019
My turn for POTW again - and for a change it ended up being an easy choice.  That's not a reflection on the other images posted this week either - it just had to be this one!

The King at Lackford Lakes by RogerW.

Well done, Roger!    Full thread here.
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POTW Week ending 25th Aug 2019
This week I have chosen a photo from the   section that shows us what can happen when we manipulate an image . .. It's a tricky topic with many photographers as to when post processing / editing images,   becomes manipulation.  For me  the end result is the most important  part of an image and not how I get there . ... So this weeks winner is Ryewolf's  Celestial Skies #7....simple because I just love the colours and the scene  and  the effect Topaz has made.. It's my sort of  image and I  just love it ... I want it   on my wall !  Congratulations Rye ... stunning  stuff !



 You can find the original by clicking on this link...


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POTW - Week ending 18/08/2019
Well, it's been another tough week to choose a POTW, we've had a good choice of nature with dragonflies, birds and bugs from Mike, Craig, Monkey and JohnP.

We've also had a good selection of landscapes from David and from JohnP, Monkey, Vanguard and Stravinsky. There's also be a whole raft of airplane shots from JohnP, Monkey and Vanguard. There's been a good selection also in the A-Z Challenge.

First a couple of honourable mentions:

Speckled Bush Crickets by JohnP

Giants Causeway by David

But this week winner goes to Monkey for his Spitfire image

The original thread can be seen here:
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POTW - w/e 11/8/2019
Not the easiest task, as usual, with quite a range of nice shots to consider. 

So, what have we seen this week - we've seen some nice bits of New Zealand, thanks to Stravinsky, Ryewolf gave us some nice views from Pendle Hill, and also some very nice vintage trucks in his Harrogate run thread.

Nature, Wildlife and Pets has been very active - lots of bees, butterflies and birds - obviously your Summer season despite the erratic weather.

I have gone with one from a nice set by Hatter in the Macro threads, where again we had more nice butterflies,  & grasshoppers etc. 

I really like the gentle blurred background, and the focus on the butterflies, especially this one, the second in the set, but all of them are well worth a look.

So well done Gareth - great set, lovely subjects and perfect presentation!

The original thread can be seen HERE
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POTW   Week ending 28th July  2019
It's never an easy job picking out a winner  for this challenge ...and this week it seemed animals and  insects  were taking centre stage ...Roger  managed an amazing capture through the undergrowth  of a beauty of a fox,   and we were treated to  some  really stunning quality  images of butterflies and moths  from a member JohnP  who we haven't seen for a while,..Ryewolf then posted a  fabulous set of Pendle Hill pics whilst chasing a storm   but the picture that  just really stood out for me this week was in fact a set  of the most adorable terrier Dexter . I think  all four of these are just  beautifully presented  and processed .I just defy anyone to look at them and  not just   be totally smitten ... So well done Craig ... Awesome  stuff .... .



You can see the original post and the rest of the set on the link below  ...


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A-Z Challenge - Week 3 - The Letter C
Post an image starting with the letter C :  Cats,. Capybara, Canals

Comp start on Monday 15th July 2019 and ends on Sunday 21st July, the rules can be found here »
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POTW - w/e 14/7/2109
Have not been able to do very much this week, but thank you to all of you on here for, once again, giving me some incredible pictures to browse through. Some fantastic bird shots from Roger from his visit to Elmley, nice Red kites from John2, a Barn Owl and a Peregrine from Cheryl, and a very nice mix of shots from Ryewolf's visit to Chester Zoo.

A really nice mix of flies, butterflies and bees in the macro section too - you are obviously more Summery than us, so nice subjects.

There was one image that caught my eye as a very interesting subject, with lots of detail to look at, a perfect low view point  to capture the best of that engine, and nice processing to give us the final image to look at, so this is the one I've gone with.

So well done with this one Denis, what a great subject, very nice composition, and interesting to see both versions in the thread discussion too!

The original post can be seen HERE
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W26 07-07-19 Roger
W26 07-07-19 Roger
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POTW - w/e 30/06/19
Y'know, I am a soddin' martyr to this forum I am. Y'know why? Eh? Do ya? Well I'll tell ya.......... Kylie is in the middle of her set at Glasto and I'm choosing to miss her fifth outfit change in order to do POTW. Like I said, a soddin' martyr. Cos we have a proper big telly and it's just like being there.

Well, as always, we've had some real belters this week....... Rye's train photographs were well up to standard (good to see 'em in colour), Hatter's Cornwall images were right up my street with the Topaz twiddles he so expertly gave them and PanasonicMike's insect pics really were top notch.

But there's only one POTW and when Roger posted his image of Barney it absolutely blew my socks off. Metaphorically speaking of course as with this hot weather I've been wafting around the grounds of the manor in nowt but the skimpy shorts and sweaty vest that Matron likes to see me wearing.

Ladies and gentlemen of TIPF............. I give you Barney the Barn Owl. Take a bow, Roger, it's a truly superb image.

Now, back to the serious stuff......... I should be so lucky - Lucky, lucky, lucky - I should be so lucky in love..............


To  see the original post, click on the link below :-


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POTW   Week ending 23rd  June 2019
Another week comes round so quickly and picking the POTW seems to get harder  each time .. This week I was fascinated by Fuji's Light Fantastic mono of the chrome on the HD  motorbike, some lovely processing ; Ryewolf's ICM #5 of the abstract Chimneypots at Sunset   was a really innovative  shot  that really worked  ....full of movement and not without intrigue    and his Kingfishers were  just a bit special too  but I am a sucker for the Welsh Coast and  this week's winner is Ryland  ... or bfb150gs  with this one from a set entitled Penclawdd Boat Sunrise ..This one in particular  is really thoughtfully composed with the lighting  and the point of view contributing hugely  to it's charm and balanced perspective...  so well done Ryland ... That's a beauty ...

You can find  the original thread  on the link below:-



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The Weekly Challenge 205 - HOT or COLD - Voting Closed
Korky left instructions for the Weekly Challenge;

HOT or COLD old or new images interpret how you feel, entries between now and midnight 14th June 2019 followed by a vote.
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POTW - Week ending 16/06/2019
Well, once again it's a been a diificult week to choose a potw, we've had so many great bird and wildlife images from Panasonicmike and SJR, two excellent sets from Hatter of the Whitwell Steam Fair and some great twiddles from Korky.

Some special mentions go to:

Korky for his Topaz twiddle of Knaresborough
SJR and his hare raising Hare
Kobione wonderful dewy Cobwebs

But this weeks winners is from Panasonicmike with his bee capture using a 100-400mm lens.

You can see the original thread here
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POTW - w/e 9/6/2019
Some very nice images to browse through again this week, and, as usual not easy tp pick just one choice.

Rogerw gave us some stunning pictures from his visit to Neil Neville's Hide - fantastic Roger, well done. I was seriously thinking of making you my potw choice again!

Suddenly Nikonmike has popped up with some very nice bees shots, Ryewolf has been catching Egrets very nicely and there are some very nice shots of a bridge from JamesT, and a couple of nice ones from sjr, including the Cocker, and a lighthouse.

My final choice is probably not unexpected. I loved this shot the moment I saw it because it hit me so personally with some wonderful memories - and the fact that it was one of my most visited, and favourite places to go, when we were back there in UK and lived in Shropshire.

The view is stunning - yes, it looks a bit cool - all nicely coated up and hands in pockets, but having the three people in the shot, spread apart nicely also adds to the overall result, even the clouds are nice too!

So well done David for a fantastic shot, and, as already said, thank you for sharing!

The original post can be seen HERE
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WEEKLY CHALLENGE  # 203  ~ ICM  or  Manipulated~ Voting Closed
Rye and I are sharing the honours this week following a double tie break  so .... You have the choice  of themes this week,and as a special treat  you can enter  one picture from each theme if you want to !!  

1)  A Manipulated  image. where post production has changed the original image from  the camera  or .

2)  Intentional Camera Movement  whereby the image is produced by intentional moving the camera at the point of capture .to produce  something either  abstract or  distinguishable .  It's up to you .. For those unfamiliar with this  type of photography  here are a couple of links  to help..




 Usual rules apply .. An image can be taken from your archives if you prefer,  as long as it has not appeared on TIPF  in the past  

Entries close at midnight on Friday 31st May  at which point Voting will open until midnight  on Friday 7th June . You will still only be able to vote for one entry .

 Good Luck everyone .....let's see a bumper number of entries   this week when you have two choices of themes  to be judged altogether   . 
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POTW - Week Ending 2nd June 2019
Plenty of really good photos to choose from this week!
I managed to narrow it down to four before choosing a winner.
Honourable mentions go to:
Stravinski for Fiordland, New Zealand - a stunningly "blue" landscape
RogerW for the Skylark in Cornwall Visit - just one of a wonderful set of bird photographs
Ryewolf for The 580 Gallon Tea Making Machine - a really quirky shot that I found very interesting.

 But my favourite shot this week is Clicker's "Happy Days": a perfectly processed image of times gone by.

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WEEKLY CHALLENGE  # 202  ~ HISTORY~ Voting Closed
Craig has asked me to set up this weeks Weekly  Challenge and has chosen the theme of HISTORY.

Photos may  be retrieved from your archives as long as they have not appeared before on TIPF.

It can be anything  from Family History , Historical Landmarks  or anything to do  with Lineage. Entries will close at Midnight on Friday 24th May and voting will then commence for  7 days  till Midnight On Friday 31st May.  Good luck everyone ...
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POTW - w/e 26/05/19
The POTW is a little early this week as Mrs K and myself are out on the crazy razz tonight. Need to be at the Village Hall for 7.30 at the latest as the Beetle Drive starts at 7.45 sharp and the vicar gets a bit rattled if anyone turns up late. He gave Enid Blackshaw a right old roasting last week. Mind you, she did stink of gin and had a roll-up hanging from the corner of her gob.


I've gone for a POTW that instantly grabbed me by its sheer wackiness. It's the first shot from Ryewolf's Two Times Four and I just love it. It tells a great story of what's obviously been a super day out and all the little elements of the photograph come together brilliantly well to both amuse and hold the interest. So much so that I've come back to it a number of times just to enjoy the image a little more. 


I've got to ask the question......... Why IS that glove hanging from those glasses?

Well done, Rye, ya done good!

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Weekly Challenge  201 - ISOLATED - Voting Closed
A bit late with this one, sorry.

This week's theme is ISOLATED - interpret however you wish. Either shoot specially for the comp or find a suitable pic in your archives.

Entries to be posted by midnight GMT on Friday 17th May - there'll then be a vote to determine a winner.

Get creative and enjoy the challenge!

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POTW   Week ending 19th May 2019
Hells bells what a week to have to choose POTW !!   

There has been a really  fantastic   number of quality images posted on the Forum this week and even as I type  I am not sure which  one is going to be the winner. It really seems a shame that only one of the images from this week will grace our POTW Gallery  I thought I had the winner  on Monday I was so impressed with The Sunsets at Broad pool on the Gower   by bf1150whatever (  I always refer to him by his name  Ryland)  Then Ryewolf posted  Evening Light on the Rochdale canal  and I thought  Hmmm   it's between these two  then Roger  came up with  a whole set of fabulous birds including a beauty of Colin the Cuckoo; Next Johntwo produced a simply stunning Hoverfly Surphus Ribesii..  Just when I thought my head wouldn't be turned again Craig's Dexter stole my heart with that manipulated  Blue Steel look.. What an expression ! Then Beepy turns up with  some innovative tiny landscapes in the sand that  were so creative followed by some pinhole experiments  that  blew me away ...  I just loved them .. and latterly Hatter and Rye both produced abstracts that really took my fancy  ,; Hatter  with some studwork in the 52 project that looked awesome and Rye with his  well seen Rooster Feathers  ... so  you can see my dilemma this week ... what a great collection of  images  folks ... I applaud you all .... but my winning  picture this week is the last in the set called the Lookout  by Ryland ... erm bfb1150etc   Classic in it's simplicity  perfect in the monotone execution and  just beautifully composed  in that great  Light .... Really well done Ryland ... brilliantly photographed .....

You can find the original post  by clicking on the link ...



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POTW - Week ending 12/05/2019
Well, once again it's a been a diificult week to choose a potw, we've had so many great bird and wildlife images from Roger, Denis, Charlotte and Craig. An excellent selection of portraits from Hatter and FUJI, a stunning selection landscapes and mono images from Stravinsky, FUJI and JohnTwo.

Some special mentions go to:

Craig for his painterly rendition of Dexter

Gareth, Kobione and Simon in The 52 Project Theme Week, Intentional Camera Movement - not as easy as it sounds.

JamesT for his film shots of steam trains at Didcot.

But this weeks winners is from Kobione of her Kangaroo Bird Seed Visitors post, if you thought Roos were just cute and cuddly, just check out the claws in image 3.....

An Eastern Grey and Eastern Brown Kangaroo sharing some seeds.

The original post can be found here »
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POTW -  Week Ending 5/5/2019
As usual not the easiest to pick just one  decent picture because there are quite a few - Ryewolf has given us some very nice macro shots of bees, and I'm envious because we have 'lacked bugs' very much this year, also some nice landscapes with Bronte Country.

Some very nice ducks from John2, and  an 'intense look' in his Waiting for the Whistle.

A very wet pigeon from Fuji too, so another interesting week

Then I came across this set from RogerW, his Dartford Warblers and these pictures certainly had a wow factor - so sharp, beautiful colour, both the bird feathers and the plant against such a gentle background, and apparently not an easy subject to catch.  This is the first of the set but all are beautiful and well worth a look;


So well done Roger, so glad that you finally got to capture a bird you had been trying for so long to get, and you did it so well!

The original post can be seen HERE
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The Weekly Challenge 198 - Pathways- Voting Closed
The challenge for this week is anything related to pathways, interpret as you like and old and new images are acceptable. So lets see what thinking about pathways can bring up from now until midnight Friday 26th April. Go for it!
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