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  1. You've done well........ Up to now I've had problems with my headlights and my winkers. There was a time when I only fired on three cylinders and once that was put right I couldn't get out of second gear. Right now it's the exhaust system that's spitting and farting like a drunken sailor, but I'm told a quick wazz with a silencer bandage should put things back in fettle. Korky
  2. There's been some splendid photography on the forum over the last week and the following images were the standout shots for me.......... Fuji's great portrait 'The Red Hat' shows off his street portraiture skills brilliantly well. A great image! Rywolf's terrific shot "Working Hard' had me going back again and again - it narrowly missed being POTW. However........ This weeks star of the show for me is Hatter's super character study 'Man and Machine'. I really love the way the image tells a story of how much that steam engine is loved by its owner. Machine is pristine whilst man is happy to wear grubby overalls and sport grubby finger nails - now that's true love. Well done, Gareth, it really is a belter! Korky
  3. That's a very dramatic image. Welcome to the forum BTW. Korky
  4. I was first registered in 1948, so I'm two years older than the truck! The colour shot works best for me, excellent. Korky
  5. I fully agree with Rye - your posts are always interesting. Keep 'em comin'. Korky
  6. Will Clickerina make it on time? By my reckoning she has fourteen minutes. Korky
  7. Woooooooo!!!!!!! A dollop of kudos and a trinket. I never thought it'd happen to little old me. Korky BTW - had a hosi visit yesterday and who should I bump into but Matron. Seems she's now chucked her job in at Sunnyside Meadows and taken up a post as Senior Nit Nurse in a home for elderly aristocratic gentlemen. She tells me they have a room free so we're meeting for lunch next Thursday.
  8. Love it! Reminds me of the time back in the day when me an' Bandy Bickerstaffe went to a Rock Festival just outside Wigan. Mam made me wear a really thick, itchy jumper and a set of dad's thermal undercrackers. She also packed me a 'proper dinner' made up of corned beef doorsteps, a slab of grandma's Lardy Cake and a flask of hot Vimto. "An' keep away from them bloody hippies" was her parting call. Bandy, on the other hand, turned out wearing a bright yellow vest, purple loon pants and a pair of sparkly baseball boots. Over his shoulder was a WW2 gas mask bag containing a bottle of water, twelve Jaffa Cakes and a tooled-leather pouch containing what Bandy referred to as 'da sacred 'erb'. Later on, just as Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band had the entire crowd in their grip with the finest, grooviest tunes imaginable, Bandy took a short break from snogging Mandy Butterworth, passed me a funny-looking Woodbine thingy and uttered the immortal words 'get thi gob round that mi owd cocker'. In the next twelve minutes, I slid down a rainbow, had a face-to-face with a small group of fairies and resolved never to drink soddin' Vimto again. I'll never forget the look on Mam's face when she asked if I'd had a nice time and I replied "far out, Mam, far out". Korky And in case you don't believe me......... https://www.festivival.com/history/bickershaw-festival-1972
  9. Chorley Gawpers (as we're known in these parts) never did no book learnin'. Especially sums. Bloody hell, Fooj, we still hold our trousers up with string and stand in little groups to point at them new-fangled aeroplanes heading to foreign parts (Blackpool). Korky
  10. Love that job title......... Kudos Dolloper....... Excellent! God, what must other forums make of us lot, eh? Korky
  11. Love what you've done there, Rye - a very nice creative take on a bird image. Korky
  12. Front-page headline in today's edition of the Wallamagoo Chronicle.......... DIGITAL DEE DOES the DAILY DOLLOP DOUBLE! Good on ya, sport. Korky
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