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Craig has asked me to set up this weeks Weekly  Challenge and has chosen the theme of HISTORY.

Photos may  be retrieved from your archives as long as they have not appeared before on TIPF.

It can be anything  from Family History , Historical Landmarks  or anything to do  with Lineage. Entries will close at Midnight on Friday 24th May and voting will then commence for  7 days  till Midnight On Friday 31st May.  Good luck everyone ...

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7 hours ago, Hatter said:

Nell Gwynn
This is Lesley Smith, the curator of Tutbury Castle, who makes appearances as historical characters at the castle.
I posted a photo of her as Boudicca earlier in the year.


I'm guessing this isn't Joan of Arc. 

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10 hours ago, Craig said:

I'm sure that Is the same Lesley Smith who is the resident historian on TV's Most Haunted.

Hi Craig.  I've never seen the show but I do know Lesley runs "ghost nights" at the castle so I expect you're right.

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11 hours ago, Korky said:

was so lice ridden that his wife, Margaret, refused to allow him in the house until he'd taken a bath out in the back yard

Still a damned good story whether true or not.... My grandfather told me earwigs would crawl into your ear and burrow into your brain, both my grandfather and father were great practical jokers..... which has given me an idea.....

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With the D-Day anniversary approaching here is a photograph of Pegasus Bridge,

It was a major objective of British airborne troops during the opening minutes of the invasion of Normandy on the 6th June 1944.A unit of glider infantry troops of 2 Battalion The Oxfordshire & Buckingham Light Infantry, 6th Airborne Division commanded by Major John Howard took the bridge by total surprise and  intact. The successful taking of the bridges played a most important role in limiting the effectiveness of a German counter-attack in the days and weeks following the Normandy invasion. In 1944 it was renamed Pegasus Bridge in honour of the operation. The name is derived from the shoulder emblem worn by the British airborne troops which is the flying horse Pegasus.

As these bridges came under control of the allies, My dear old Dad was going ashore with his Tank regiment, the 34th Tank Brigade, a few miles to the west.


Pegasus Bridge_cr.jpg

Edited by Denis
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Well done both of you ... Korks and Denis... . . Both very emotive images relating to your own family history ...   so .. as Korks  asked us to get Denis to do the honours choosing this week’s theme if the result was a tie (as he only has intermittent access to  the internet this week, ) so it’s over to you Denis. 

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