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Weekly Challenge no. 152 - Mainly Mono - Voting Closed
His lordship sends his apologies but due to the limited network access at the folly he's asked me to start the challenge on his behalf.

Korky has set the theme as - Mainly Mono

Entries are invited until midnight on the 1st of June (June already?? Good grief!)
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POTW - w/e 03/06/2018
Once again it's been a difficult week, fairly quiet up till Fri and then a bit of a slurge.... There were some nice macros from John and Paul, some intriguing mono snails from Phonantiphon, a whole selection of great bird photos from BP, John, JHF and OlyMike, some lovely landscapes from BP and John, Denis provided a slice of history with some vintage WWII planes and FUJI provided us with some top notch street photography as he always does.

But in the end I've come back to this image by WearyLandcrab, which is a stack of 214 raw images @ 20 microns (a micron is one thousandth of a millimetre). The detail is superb and I can only imagine that to produce something like this takes an awful lot of patience....

Big Eyes by WearyLandcrab

The original post is here Big Eyes »
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Sunset Over Middle Mouse
Middle Mouse is a small island , one of three, situated off the North coast of Anglesey in Wales.  It's the island just under the sun.   You can just see East Mouse slightly to the left.  .  The third island, West Mouse, is out of sight around the headland nearer to the Skerries.

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Weekly Challenge # 151 Butterflies, blooms,  birds and bokeh - Voting Closed!
The theme  for  Weekly Challenge  #151 is Butterflies, Blooms, Birds and Bokeh  with your image old or new containing at least one of the "b" elements. 

Entries  open from Saturday 19th May -- Midnight Friday 25th May  then the voting will commence until Midnight  1st June.. 

Hope there is scope for everyone to enter an image  ... Good  luck everyone ..
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POTW Week ending 26/5/18
This week I found birds figured quite heavily in  the front runners for POTW for me  though I was very taken with Fuji's Jupiter 11 Magic set, and ThaiMike's beautifully touching shot Snap of my daughter.  Ryewolf's Blackheaded Gull and Heron on the Weir showed excellent compositional work and exposure but I really like the  vulnerable feel and apparent simplicity of  Sparrow in flight from  OlyMike.  A stunning capture of a bird in flight ..... well done Mike.

For  the original post, follow this link :-


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Sparrow in flight
Sparrow in flight
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Powter Howe
Popped over to the Lakes on Sunday, had a wander through the woods near Thornthwaite down to the shores of Bassenthwaite.
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A Slice Of Your Life 21/05/18 - 27/05/18
We're off!

Show us what you're up to!

Please take the time to read the How It Works topic.
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Not seen one of these in the garden for I think 3 years now. Commonly known as the "Sunfly" (Helophilus pendulus).

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Trotter Racing
Taken at one of the Appleby meetings.
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POTW - w/e 22/05/18
Holy crap on a cracker BatMan!!

How the bloody hell am I supposed to sort through this weeks postings - well done by the way  - and find a winner?

Other than just blindly sticking a pin in the forum and hoping for the best I have actually looked through as many of this weeks images as is humanly possible to picked one I like.

Its random, its quirky and frankly its one I like which is kinda the whole point of this thread........so.....this weeks winner is:


Wooden bowl, wooden fruit , wouldn't eat it !

Original thread here: 


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Just a day out after a nice start to the day...
Had a lovely misty sunrise this morning as I walked K&B, so grabbed a couple:


The day looked good so we cruised up to Echuca, through our usual busy straight roads:


Yes, we did get one of our favourite lunches:


And saw one paddle steamer as we sat quietly by the river eating that lunch. This was the Pevensey, not quite as nice or historic as the Emmy Lou, but still nice to see:

That was all I could do with the camera because I was driving, but it was quite a nice trip out.
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Spring is great
So cute

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Amazing Thailand
Amazing Thailand
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Flying Scotsman - A Sequence of Three
3 Shots, taken at the same place today using my big Sigma 150-600mm lens at Townsend Fold, because I couldn't decide which I liked I thought I'd see what others preferred...

Taken 15 shots apart from first to last
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POTW - w/e 13/5/2018
As usual enjoyed browsing through the images from this last week, and it does look like your Spring is on the way, with some very nice pictures of birds, butterflies and bluebells, which I love to see.

I have gone for one which when I first viewed it the colour just popped out amazingly, and was of a lovely subject which just proves that you should look around and observe wherever you are, and you should always have the ability to grab a picture, whether with camera or, as in this case, mobile phone, lovely Spring blossom and stunning background colour.

The original thread can be seen HERE

Well done BP, a lovely catch of simply beautiful colour, and a lovely subject too - good job you looked up!!
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Weekly Challenge Week 148 - PANORAMA - Voting Closed!
Made in camera, stitched in PP or just a letterbox crop.

Just as a reminder, entry closes at midnight on Friday 4th May.  Voting starts thereafter and ends at midnight on the 11th May.   Good luck all.
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One of my greatest pleasures, sitting in my caravan  watching the weather


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I am currently rediscovering the beautiful rendering from my £10 Chinese made...Manual  50 mm CCTV lens.


Love this !


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POTW - w/e 6.5.18
A nice range of photos again this week. The one that's caught my eye this time is "It's mine, all mine" by JHPhoto. As you might have noticed, I often go for a quirky one that makes me smile, and this is it. I wouldn't like to try and take that titbit away from him! I also like the rich colours, in what is a fairly limited palette. Well done JH!

The original thread is here.
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Weekly challenge 147 - Two together -VOTING CLOSED
Anything and everything as long as they are in pairs.
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So, I had a bit of a thunk, aided by a glass of Shiraz (ok maybe more than one), anything to do with museums, inside, outside, exhibits.... You know the drill by now (we've been doing it for 148 weeks), new or old, post between now and before midnight on Friday next week, then we vote..... Easy peasy lemon squeezy....
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Shadows ...
Bournemouth  in March  this year ....   Crikey ...  Sunshine !
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A snake in the ditch
Grass snake, today at RSPB Otmoor.

I was alerted to something by a fish jumping. and then saw the grass snake. Unfortunately most of the other shots missed focus rather badly.
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