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  1. Very nice set Rye, nice mix of different species too.
  2. Interesting set Rye, nice colour in the ground and sky - #4 is my pick too! There is a little bit on information about it here; The Hitching Stone - Wikipedia
  3. Great set Fogey - lovely views and some nice clouds added in!
  4. Fantastic captures Colin and what a lovely colour mix!!
  5. Nice set again Rye, and a bit different looking engine.
  6. Congrats Paul - might be a bit more abstract but the detail is superb, as usual.
  7. Got our for a short while this morning while the sun was out. Went to one of our walking spots and there was nobody else there. Just mobile phone pics. Kelly & Brodie did the usual wander, and then we cruised home again. A decent surface for me to walk on So many sniffs they were happy. And they both had to find a puddle on the way back to the car!
  8. Beautiful set Ryland - love them all!
  9. Beautiful light in this one John - such a serene and peaceful view to sit and observe!
  10. Thank you so much for the positive and supportive comments. I am now trying to be back on here more, but cannot take pictures too well, because I can't bend down or even stand very still. I do still feel to be a part of this fantastic place so will do what I can. Only 13 more days to go until surgery, and hopefully it will sort out the painful issue.
  11. Fantastic Denis, no wonder you are still grinning!!
  12. Nice set Rye - you got 'the chuffing' well as it started in the video!
  13. Nice view Strav, the first one hits it for me.
  14. Nice set Jeff, especially the serenity of the last two.
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