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  2. Well done Polly, lovely image. Paul.
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  4. Taken last September and was about the only dedicated photographic outing I've managed in about 18 months. About once a year, there is a steam special that returns from Carlisle via the west coast line (via Workington, Whitehaven, Ravenglass etc.) and I have planned to catch it several times but something always got in the way. This was captured in Harrington. The birds were a bonus not noticed at the time. X-T4 55-20mm.
  5. No answers or life at the bottom of a bottle.
  6. My next port of call was Wick, right at the top of Scotland. I had hoped that driving up the coast would give way to some nice seascapes, but the weather had really closed in and I drove up in very heavy fog. When I got to Wick the rain set in with a vengeance and I managed just the one photograph. Wick harbour.
  7. As the weather was closing in I returned to the hotel in Inverness.
  8. There are so many facets to this holiday Clicker, I have mixed feelings. I think I'll deal with it from stop to stop, so, although some of the images will have already been shown, there will be some consistency. The overriding irritation over the three weeks was Covid and how it was screwing up my perceived expectations and many times I had to take a deep breath and re-evaluate my position. For example, all wildlife hides had to be pre-booked as there were limits on how many people could be accommodated at any one time and I didn't see one instance of this on any website. Also there was no information on nesting sites for Osprey, Golden Eagles et al. So bearing this in mind, When I stopped at Inverness, I visited Loch Garten Nature Reserve in the Cairngorms as their website mentioned breeding pairs of Ospreys, only to find they weren't breeding there this year. I did wander around in the hope of seeing Red squirrels, but was disappointed as there wasn't a squirrel in site. After some four hours, I decided to go for a drive. These are some of the scenes I encountered. Loch Garten Loch Pityoulish I did keep my eye open for fly fishermen, but didn't see one. River Spey. Strathspey Steam Railway
  9. I have been asked to choose this weeks POTW and I must confess to finding this task difficult. There have been a plethora of macro shots this week that are technically superb, pin sharp with an amazing amount of detail. JohnP's Marmalade Hoverfly in particular took my eye. There was also Ryewolf's Loco 41241, always a firm favourite of mine. However, another photograph really grabbed my attention for its quiet, understated beauty. The author really has a knack of delivering that dreamy look, demonstrated with these Peruvian lilies in her post 'Up Close and Personal'. So congratulations Clicker, on another stunning POTW
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  12. 41241 is a London, Midland & Scottish designed Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T was built at Crewe in 1949. It was withdrawn from service at Skipton in 1966 shortly before the depot closed in 1967. It was bought by the KWVR and arrived under its own power in 1967. It is in a none standard crimson livery as at the time it arrived at the KWVR ex BR trains were not allowed to use BR liveries, so this was the colour it was painted for the opening of the KWVR in 1968, later it was painted in authentic BR lined livery. In 2018, for the 50th Anniversary, it was repainted in its crimson livery. Heading back to the engine shed at Haworth at the end of the day. And a short video
  13. Nicely caught John, I see these quite often
  14. This afternoon on my compost bin. Two globular springtail head-dancing - or whatever it is they are really doing... courting of course! Deutosminthurinus pallipes, maybe. Teniuphantes sp spider. A vivid coloured larva in the same place (with an Orchessela cincta passing by to give some size comparison). A green thing is an early instar nymph of Cicadellidae, ca. Empoasca etc. Paul.
  15. Great shot. I like these flies - they have such graphic bodies! Paul.
  16. I think I have the correct ID. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
  17. A very day this was taking these pics!...
  18. Now that you are back Fogey .... you can maybe fill us in with some of your adventures here on your original thread... Looks like you had a fantastic time !
  19. Thanks to John, Paul and Cheryl for you input... I have been limited in what I have been able to do photography wise these last six months with health issues of a close family member exacerbated by the Pandemic so appreciate the sanctuary that this forum affords me to just ” get away “ for half an hour each day to see all your pics and posts ... I love this forum ...
  20. Very nice set Rye, nice mix of different species too.
  21. I really like the fine art look of this macro. The black background works well. Well chosen, Polly.
  22. Great to see you posting your beautiful flower images.
  23. Lovely vibrant colours too John. A marmalade hover I think. Paul.
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