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  2. Further to my very serious study of the very old, pre graphite pencil, way of drawing with silver and gold wire, I have ventured deeper into its extremely fascinating history and method…..fascinating stuff. The young Boxer pup you have seen previously as a photographic portrait taken about a year ago now; her proud owners have an enlarged version, pride of place in their lounge. here thdn , is a work in progress preview of a Version using mainly silver or gold wire, with gouache and crayon highlights and graphite of crayon darks. progress is quite slow and methodical, bu
  3. I've been meaning to take a visit to Rochford Mill for quite a while, and when my wife spotted on facebook that some cool new graffiti had appeared, I thought I'd go and take a look. I've never really done any urban stuff before, but I got a few photos I was pleased with...
  4. Mr Pochard Mrs Pochard Unca Pochard Next door neighbour
  5. Thank you both, not a usual edit but sometimes a different one can be fun. Paul
  6. That's an innovative way to present your pics ... I 've seen the reflection method used to really good effect on website presentations by some photographers Paul .... works well with the ladybirds and using the two outer images as leading lines works too.
  7. Great shot Stella, worthy of potw! Nice choice Cheryl.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Yes, she's a really good architect Polly - thanks for looking in Paul.
  10. What a fantastic composition that web has enabled Paul .... super job !
  11. Had POTW all over it ... good choice Cheryl ... A hearty back slap for ya Stella!
  12. It just had to be……congratulations Stella. FUJI
  13. "Will you walk into my parlour?" said a spider to a fly; Gorgeous capture there.
  14. I think a few feet further to my right would have separated it from the plantation a little better. Here are the others that I took of that tree: From quite a bit further to the right, on Rollei Ortho 25 And from the other side on Ilford HP5+ (slight crop on the LHS because of a light leak in the film holder).
  15. Great choice - well done Stella! Paul.
  16. It's great to see so many members getting out and about and posting photos on TIPF! And so many that I really like particularly Paul's macro photos of a ladybird beetle on a gerbera flower but the photo I've chosen is the "You have to crack eggs to make an omelette" by VWGolf - very original subject, skillfully executed and lots of fun.
  17. Very nice, and actually composed well bearing in mind you would have had little time to do that
  18. That square of trees is eye-catching. Paul.
  19. This is the sort of thing I'd expect my Bilbo Baggins Cat to do - but he now doesn't ever jump up onto anything in the kitchen (self taught) and only jumps onto the windows sills or the printer located on a table by the front window so he can survey "his" street... Lovely moment. Pedants in many photo comps would clone out the other eggs! Paul.
  20. #2 & #3 for me, probably 2 is my favourite
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