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  1. Yesterday
  2. Zygiella x-notata and Steatoda bipunctata Both on the fence tonight... Paul.
  3. Irritated maybe Paul .... but hardly cross just cos I was taking a photo of it !! No flower treatment Fogey ...in fact apart from a darkening vignette to highlight the spider, it's straight out of the camera slightly cropped .. can't remember what lens I'll go check exif ....
  4. Beautiful orb weaver - hard to tell from this side, but I think it's a cross spider - Araneus diadematus. Paul.
  5. Lovely - but please, have some of our rain - we have had a lot these last 24 hours! Paul.
  6. I’m not sure, Fogey. Black Kites gather in groups so them being together is not unusual but the rain maybe the reason they’re not hunting.
  7. Has that had your flower treatment Polly, or is that natural aperture blurring.
  8. Are they sat there because it's raining, Cheryl?
  9. i enjoyed my trip to the glamorgan vale ploughing match so much that i looked for another to go to ....found the welsh ploughing championships at llancayo nr usk...this was a much bigger set up with much more tractors but unfortunately there were only 2 sets of horses as i was hoping for more but i did get plenty of pics of everything
  10. You did pretty well, we sometimes struggle to get a single good pic of our own cat!
  11. It looks like there is even a fifth one on the post far left !! What a catch Cheryl ... Chances of catching 4 raptors sat in a row , in the wild are about as common as hens teeth !! f Fabulous !
  12. No - it's on a different layer. The original toy was on a piece of string, but there's a MF in-joke in the family. He paid an awful lot of money for the Lego MF, spent ages building it, then his wife knocked it off the table with her vacuum cleaner! Accidentally, she insists! The old boy on the left is twelve and his favourite hobby is sleeping. It wasn't an easy photoshoot! I got some cracking shots of each individual cat, but trying to get three of them together wasn't easy - being a pet photographer isn't quite as easy as it may sound!
  13. So true, Paul. Fortunately for me, quite a lot of species of raptors live on the plains where I travel weekly. Of course, getting close enough to get good photos is challenging.
  14. Ablaze with fiery colour these non stop flowering Begonias have been a real show but my goodness I have had to water them morning and evening to quench their thirst as it's weeks since we have had any rain ....
  15. That video quite put me off my breakfast. Cracking photography, though.
  16. Thanks for your information to Denis Rye, that does explain the train set up. Nice set.
  17. Nice set Ryland, great subjects and nice skies.
  18. Some more from Wells, Somerset. Bishop's Castle entrance. Castle Moat Rear of castle Castle Lawn Feeding the pigeons
  19. Thanks Dee I did a video of it running on the ELR which might have been it's final steam run
  20. Nice set as usual Rye!
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