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POTW - w/e 29/4/2018
So, it's been a bit of a quietish week photo wise... John posted several images that caught my attention, BP posted a nice set of Roker Pier, Clicker had a great set of urban photography from Liverpool and Vanguard posted a couple of great monochromes including a rather poignant Parting Gift image.

But in the end I came back to this one, as someone who enjoys taking macro photography, I know how tricky and difficult it can be and the past few years Paul has posted a great many consistently great images using a lens that is fully manual.

Busy Bee

The original post is here »

So well done Paul.
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It would seem there's a few of us on TIPF that are no longer feeling the camera love (Paul, Chrissy, Phil and myself - maybe more) so I thought I'd edit and post one photograph each day for a week - and this is your official invitation to join me. Start tomorrow (Monday) and post every day until next Sunday - any subject, any processing, photos, videos, owt ya fancy. Just try to make it an item you haven't edited or posted before.

Hope you're up for it - if so, post away!

Let's feel the love, fellow toglets! And if you're not convinced, have a listen to Bob Marley.




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The Fab Four.... on the Waterfront .
Sculpted by Andrew Edwards...with terrific detail.... John Lennon has acorns in his hand copied from those found outside the Dakota Building in New York



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The Weekly Challenge No.146 ABANDONED - VOTING CLOSED
ABANDONED - interpret however you wish with Old or new images, post your entries by 23.59 on Friday 20TH APRIL. Voting from Saturday 21st
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Dronefly... Might be amongst the last I take....
Hi guys and gals.

Not been feeling the love with the camera for a good while now, but today I did grab a few, 3 of which were of a dronefly on the laurel.

Can't decide if I am giving up the hobby or not yet, but I might be. In the meantime, I could add a few pics here and there...



It may well be that the gear finally goes up for sale (mentioned it to Kev in a PM we had recently) but still not 100% sure of the decision. I've lost the interest, but that doesn't mean it's all over just yet. Thought I'd update you all with a pic or three though...

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A rather angry looking, but otherwise harmless, Cranefly....
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POTW - 18/3/2018
Another interesting week to browse through some nice pictures. I've gone with this one from Stravinsky - it made me smile as soon as I looked at it, the expression is great!

It is a very good catch bearing in mind the not perfect conditions of the glass, light etc. as described by Stravinsky.


So well done Strav - great catch! The original post can be seen HERE
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Weekly challenge #140 is rusty ..Voting Closed
This week' challenge #140 is RUSTY now voting

Interpret  however you wish,

Old or new images, post your entries by midnight (GMT) on Friday 9th March. We'll then have a vote to determine a winner.

Cheers Kev
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POTW - w/e 11.3.18
It's been a bit of a quiet week for images, but one has stood out to me. That one is Kev7d's Down in the Dark Metro. It uses contrast to its absolute best advantage, and really captures the mood of a nearly deserted metro station platform. Well done Kev!

The original thread is here.


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Weekly Challenge #139 - Four! - Voting Closed!
Following on nicely from Kev's excellent theme, I think it'd be good to go with......


Old or new images, interpret however you wish and post your entries by midnight (GMT) on Friday 2nd March. We'll then have a vote to determine a winner.

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POTW w/e 4 March 2018
My choice for this week is Ryewolf's Union of South Africa 60009. I just think it has a great feeling of nostalgia about it. The snow makes this a great mono. I just love all the steam and smoke. A great shot for me.


The original thread can be found here.
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Hi folks hope this is right.  Starting now till the 23rd of Feb is a photo of a CHURCH.   So get your old or new photos in now till the 23rd of Feb.
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POTW - w/e 25/02/18
You spend the week when you're on the POTW panel looking at stuff thinking "Ooo that'll be the one" over and over again as more crackin' images are posted.

There comes a point though when one image jumps out and you know it will be the one. 

I absolutely love this image. In fact I'd happily have it on the wall at home in a gallery type black frames/large white matt. This weeks winner then is one from Polly and it takes simplicity yet careful framing to a very high level. There is a balance to the composition, there are interplays between the surfaces, planes, textures and tones and overall it just feels right and then we have that tree.....man I love that tree.....then the glimpse of more through the little square walkway in the centre that makes you want to walk through it to see what is there.

Original thread here: Lines and Leaves

Outstanding Polly - well done.
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Weekly challenge #137  - Number 3
This weeks challenge is: number 3,

old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 16 February 2018, voting from Sat 17th Feb until midnight of the following Friday..
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POTW - 18/2/2018
Some very nice images to browse through again this week - landscapes, dramatic skies and large planes, but I've gone with one that is a real catch, and we all know how hard it is to get the bird in flight.

I've selected the first one in the set, but they all deserve a look!

The colours of the blurred backgrounds add to the pictures too, so well done Roger - a great set:

The original thread can be seen: HERE
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Weekly Challenge 136 - Cutlery
This weeks challenge is cutlery. Let's see some knives, forks or spoons. Old or new shots are ok. Closing date Friday 9th Feb. Voting will then start and close Friday 16th Feb.


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POTW - w/e 11.2.18
I had a few images lined up for potential POTW - there have been some good ones this week. But this is the one I've picked, both for its subject matter and the skill of the photographer. You've got down to his level, which is paramount in my opinion, and given a lovely depth of field to the image. And those eyes, with his head just a little on one side - who could resist him? 

I give you Black Pearl, with Jasper. Well done Beepy!

The original thread is here.
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Weekly Challenge #135 - Tombstones/Graveyards - Voting Closed
This weeks challenge is: Tombstones/Graveyards, old or new images accepted, open to any interpretation... Images to be posted between now and Friday 2nd February 2018, voting from Sat 3rd Feb until midnight of the following Friday...
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POTW w/e 4 Feb 2018
There have been some absoluletly stunning images this week. I have picked an image of spitfires low over English fields by Rick 448 which stirred some emotion. This is such an iconic sight for me. The aircrafts have nice prop blur and I like the fact that one has the wheels half way down. The original image can be seen here.

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Weekly Challenge 134 -- Watercourses - Voting Closed!
This week's challenge is "Watercourses" -- Rivers, streams, ditches or canals.

Photographs new or old by  midnight 26 Jan 2018 please.
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POTW - w/e 28/01/18
Well I had to end up with the week where the forum is resurrected 

So many images, so much great content but there was one post that stood out. Actually it did more than that, it stopped me dead in my tracks and made me look closely. If a picture can dod that its a winer in my books.

Bath by Night by Stravinsky

Amazing image - a well deserved winner.
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Hendra Beach Cornwall
My first promised walk about with the camera this year resulted in some okay shots.  More practice needed but it was great to be out and about with no mobile phone chirping away in my ear 

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POTW - 21/01/2018
Sorry if this is a little late - I'm still having some probs. getting to an active forum page, so I hope I haven't missed something fantastic. There were some lovely images to look at again, Black Pearl gave us some lovely stuff with his Alnmouth thread, and James' snow in Memphis was pretty impressive, as was Rogers' fantastic red kite pictures. I've gone with one that I absolutely loved from the moment I first saw it. The composition of this one is great, the subtlety of the light, and similar colours in the houses and cliffs is superb, and the light was spot on too. So, well done THELONGMAN, a beautiful image!



The original thread can be seen HERE
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Weekly Challenge #132 - Photograph Texture - Voting Closed!
For this week's challenge, I'd like you to get out and about and photograph TEXTURE!

Doors, walls, trees, floors, feathers, clothes, owt ya fancy. Think old, think rough, think sideways, but don't think archive! NEW PHOTOS ONLY for this week.

Entries open until midnight on 12th January and then we'll do the voting thing and decide a winner.

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POTW - w/e 14.1.18
It's been a quiet week for images, but I've been taking a lot of notice of JHFoto's bird images, at which he's rather good! I like his swan one, but I particularly like this one - Sunbathing Nuthatch, which stands out nicely from its background, and the moss on the branch adds that extra bit of interest. 

Well done JHFoto!

Original thread is here.

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