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  1. Thanks Dee I did a video of it running on the ELR which might have been it's final steam run
  2. Very nicely caught Jon.
  3. They have Red Pandas at Chester Zoo and the like to spend a lot of the time up in the trees.
  4. Nicely caught Leon. Was this at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park? I know they have polar bears there....
  5. Nicely caught Leon. Thought I recognised Avos jetski lake
  6. A Day at Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway watching the War Department Austerity 0-6-0ST Welsh Guardsman, the NER Electric Autocar 3170 and diesel shunter D3941.
  7. A local picnic place I visit regularly you can get very close to the squirrels and a place I go to see Red Squirrels I've had them come up and take monkey nuts from my hand.
  8. Nicely caught, never seen one close up.
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