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  1. Ryewolf

    Loco 80097

    Thanks Paul, when the ELR bought it they thought it would take 4 years to restore, it ended up taking 35 years.
  2. Cool shot, reminds me a bit of Cauldron Falls in West Burton
  3. Good point but the ELR Diesel Group calls it a DMU, so guessing it must be.
  4. Ants are very difficult to photograph and I found the only way to get shots was to put something sweet nearby - like a very small piece of melon and wait for them to come close and do a big crop.
  5. Not seen many bugs as yet, though I did see 3 types of butterfly but didn't have macro lens with me.
  6. Great set Paul, still not seeing many bugs around.
  7. Interesting set Paul, I do like the red and blue backgrounds.
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