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  1. Now that you are back Fogey .... you can maybe fill us in with some of your adventures here on your original thread... Looks like you had a fantastic time !
  2. Thanks to John, Paul and Cheryl for you input... I have been limited in what I have been able to do photography wise these last six months with health issues of a close family member exacerbated by the Pandemic so appreciate the sanctuary that this forum affords me to just ” get away “ for half an hour each day to see all your pics and posts ... I love this forum ...
  3. I 've got some photos of the Bittern taken a few years ago a near Stourbridge.
  4. Thanks Fogey ....some glorious vistas there ... I remember driving over Applecross pass years ago and being more than a little scared of meeting another car on some of those roads .... Pulling into a passing place that had a few hundred feet drop on the left made me slightly less aware of the beautiful surroundings at time I must admit ... eyes were just fixed on the road ahead !! It looks like you really were at one with the countryside .... it is a wonderful place and you have captured a lot of it's majesty and allure ... thanks
  5. I like the reflection on the juvenile gull image Rye...some fine detail there ... Good to see you are getting back to your waterbird pics again too.
  6. Love that last image too Rye...
  7. Sometimes it is hard to express in words that feeling of history being so present in a landscape ... I have a maternal ancestral link to the highlands of Scotland and I am drawn relentlessly towards it's magnificent deep and historic heritage .. It happened the first time I drove from Fort William toward Glen Coe ..It had a profound effect on me ... a bit like the feeling I got when I read Jack London's Call of the Wild ...of being drawn to a primitive core of one's inner being .So I know exactly what you felt Fogey. I hope you have more photos ...
  8. This week I was blown away by this image so despite a fabulous Geranium by JohnP, a stunning red squirrel by Fogey and a kaleidoscope of neon colours in Colinb's firework display, I have to pick Paul's Dandylion seeds seemingly, for the innovative way he has seen and processed these humble dandylion seeds... I WELL DONE ! For original post see link below :- http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/53095-dandelion-seeds-seemingly/
  9. It's amazing how useful those little table top tripods can be isn't it John .... Thanks for posting the detail of your settings too ... always helpful .. your Panasonic FZ 2000 never lets you down ... though the photographer deserves credit too
  10. Some great detail Fogey.... great for identification purposes too ... Such a success story too considering how few were left 20-30 years ago.
  11. The Diagonals are interesting John ... the posts not being vertical makes me feel quite giddy ...
  12. ....With Peruvian lilies... ALSTROEMERIA... never fail to deliver and last for ages .
  13. What you might call a kaleidoscope of colours Colin ... you’ve captured a real feel for the display and your title is so descriptive of the the ambience that you have captured ... super stuff!
  14. Another classy set of trains Rye ..... it’s quite an unusual looking steam train too ... a sort of Art Deco look about it!
  15. Beautiful vista .... there’s something deeply primal about the Scottish Highlands ... And captured with a sky to absolutely die for ...
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