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  1. That's an innovative way to present your pics ... I 've seen the reflection method used to really good effect on website presentations by some photographers Paul .... works well with the ladybirds and using the two outer images as leading lines works too.
  2. What a fantastic composition that web has enabled Paul .... super job !
  3. Had POTW all over it ... good choice Cheryl ... A hearty back slap for ya Stella!
  4. Ooh I rather like the effect on both of those images James ...what a super looking tree in #1 and fab sky in #2 The mounds aren't that obvious at first in the top image until I looked a bit harder...but then I coud see two quite distinctly ... Do we know when they date from?
  5. Yes you can imagine the same scene Fogey can't you, but with a dark foreboding thunderstorm and lightening crackling and the Tower of Sauron silhouetted in the distance .... What a fantastic Trilogy of films Peter Jackson made with LOTR..
  6. I must admit that I have never entered photo competitions... Two reasons probably... one because I've never ever thought about it and secondly because I take photographs and process them just to satisfy my need to capture something I just like the look of usually, in a pleasing or interesting or different manner . If anyone else likes a photo of mine, It feels like a very nice bonus in that it may convey a little of what made me like it to another person and it is a nice feeling to share something that causes some kind of emotional response, but selfishly I suppo
  7. Oooh Stella ... you obviously haven't seen Fooj's page we set up up years ago in the Latte lounge just to showcase some of his paintings and drawings .... when you have moment pop over and have a look ... well worth the time ... see link below .... http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/18359-foojs-silverpoint-portraits-and-watercolour-paintings/
  8. As Fogey rightly says ...stunning landscape ....What a terrific viewpoint . That must have felt almost literally breathtaking Strav ....
  9. Thanks Stella ... they are still in flower now and have been since March ... I just love the variety of colours they have ...
  10. Fab photo Stella .... great angle !
  11. It's an eggstraordinary image Stella ... Well done....was it hard boiled ......?
  12. Looks like the stag was very obliging though .. I wonder if he had turned to face you he might have grumbled ... " Drat.... there's always a human stood in the wrong place at the wrong time spoling the ruddy view !" It's a few years since I have visited Attingham Park ... It's a smashing place isn't it ... Lovely building too ..
  13. Aren't they just such regal looking beasts ... even that rear view seems to be a right royal rump !
  14. That is sad news Fooj ... I am sorry to hear that.....I have sent you a pm . It's good to find solace in one's art .... it always feels therapeutic to feel creative after loss in my experience ... I Love #1 A really lovely silverpoint portrait .... And good to see your additional work adding to this thread ...
  15. Stuff of nightmares Hatter ... reminds me of the illustrations in a childhood copy of Grimms Fairy Tales !!
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