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  1. Irritated maybe Paul .... but hardly cross just cos I was taking a photo of it !! No flower treatment Fogey ...in fact apart from a darkening vignette to highlight the spider, it's straight out of the camera slightly cropped .. can't remember what lens I'll go check exif ....
  2. It looks like there is even a fifth one on the post far left !! What a catch Cheryl ... Chances of catching 4 raptors sat in a row , in the wild are about as common as hens teeth !! f Fabulous !
  3. Ablaze with fiery colour these non stop flowering Begonias have been a real show but my goodness I have had to water them morning and evening to quench their thirst as it's weeks since we have had any rain ....
  4. Found this web stretched over a hanging basket in the garden ....
  5. Seems to be in working order ... Denis are you still having issues ?
  6. Just testing that the site is uploading images as there have been glitches reported...
  7. They are a hardy perennial that grow on long stems up to 3 foot long... Tricyrtis Hirta is the proper Latin name but all part of the plant are poIsonous TO BOTH CATS AND DOGS so not a good idea for your garden Dee with your dogs ... Hope you are getting there with your recovery from your last op ... you've had a rotten time my friend ... ...
  8. Great images Strav ... totally captured the exuberance and liberation of this event ... and the explosion of colour is a welcome change from what often seems like a generation who seem to live in monochrome homes where everything is a shade of black and white or grey ....
  9. Not sure what you are saying Fogey as there are 4 beautiful images just posted above .... Do you mean you tried to post more after the 4 flower pics .... Were they too big ?
  10. You should be able to add them now surely on a separate post on the same thread ... Have you tried adding them since the message but on a subsequent post on this thread .. do try Fogey and let me know ...
  11. Another great catch ...( could be what it was thinking too ! ). It looks very similar to our smallest falcon, the Merlin . I have one that regularly visits our Magnolia Tree... to snatch it's breakfast ( usually a robin or bluetit ) but it's so fast I have only managed to shoot it twice in flight ... as a blur !
  12. That's cracking image Cheryl...It gives a super vision of the wing and feather formation of this magnificent raptor . well done . Birds in flight are not the easiest prey for the camera ....
  13. An atmospheric observation Cheryl ....and unusual viewpoint using city lights for a silhouette. I like that ....
  14. What a great capture Strav .... and a perfect strap line and comment .
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