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POTW ~ Week Ending 08/09/2019


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Right it's POTW time and its my first time on the panel so no booing and throwing rotten tomatoes in my direction at my decision.

There has been the usual high standard of shots for me to choose from and I shall do a few honorable mentions.

First honorable mention is Fuji who has been on a one man mission this week with his new DIY lens with some wonderful results. I particularly liked the bee and the watch shot.
Next picture that caught my eye was Rogerw and his capture of a weasel, quite a rare sight so an excellent capture.
Sneaking in late into my thinking was the wonderful set of sunset pictures from Rybear I especially liked the second shot.
And clever entries from Clicker & Ryewolf they nearly turned my head as I mentioned in a picture from last week I'm a sucker for an owl picture.


But this week my POTW goes to.............................. JohnP for this wonderful shot of a pair of Large Red Damselflies < (click for full thread)
The red bodies against the crossing green leaf, the detail in the delicate gossamer wings all make for a wonderful picture. 


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