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  1. Cheers John , thankyou.
  2. Oh heck yea sorry , that reminds me being a Cornishman i must get that pesky Chough, next May back there, may get some luck.
  3. They are in Europe and Asia.
  4. Err no Paul not really lol.
  5. Nice one James. my Fav bird.
  6. Beauty Rye , nice close shot.
  7. Lovely set there Fogey , went last year hope to get back again next year.
  8. Last Sunday i went to top end of Suffolk to get a Record shot of the Rare visitor to uk of the Roller Bird, very distant, so quality is not the best but what a great Bird .
  9. Hi Folks been a while . not been out much as not been great again with back anyway here are a few of the Little Owl taken on private land , owl is wild, guy is lucky to have some nice land and an Owl resident there.
  10. Come on Polly , that's a beautiful shot , nothing Boring for me, 10/10 top drawer stuff.
  11. Stunning shot, well deserved.
  12. Yes the Redwings and Fieldfare will all be gone soon, been great getting some nice images this time around.
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