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  1. Ta Geoff. I didn't expect a spider there but she seemed content enough. Paul.
  2. Paul

    8 eyes

    Softly softly Geoff... Paul.
  3. Not a moth I see so often, so quite pleased to take the photo of him. Paul.
  4. Thank you John. Paul.
  5. Paul

    8 eyes

    Thank you all. She was wanting to run - but if you place your hand in front of spiders, most of them stand still briefly, and hopefully, long enough to compose a shot or three... Paul.
  6. Paul

    8 eyes

    She's a good size! Paul.
  7. This is a female philodromus sp. spider on the bird feeder... Paul.
  8. Found her very late last night, just after midnight! I am assuming a recently emerged Buff Ermine Moth. It was on the fence but as I got close it flew and landed on the apple tree trunk which made it harder to get to. Paul.
  9. Great choice - I loved that bokeh as soon as I saw it too ! Paul.
  10. Cheers Geoff. The summer is coming, be it later than normal it feels... Paul.
  11. I don't know how common they are, but I've never photographed one before. I think this is a Snout Mite - Bdellidae in the order of Trombidiformes (of which there are about 11 genera and at least 260 described species in Bdellidae). Believe me, this one was ALWAYS running - I'm astounded I got any images partially in focus! Either way - I'm really happy finding this bug! Size around <1mm. Paul.
  12. Paul


    Such a shame he won't land there again, sadly he'll have passed on to mayfly heaven by today. Nice find. Paul.
  13. They look so pale compared to native snails. Paul.
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