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  1. Thank you both, not a usual edit but sometimes a different one can be fun. Paul
  2. Yes, she's a really good architect Polly - thanks for looking in Paul.
  3. Great choice - well done Stella! Paul.
  4. That square of trees is eye-catching. Paul.
  5. This is the sort of thing I'd expect my Bilbo Baggins Cat to do - but he now doesn't ever jump up onto anything in the kitchen (self taught) and only jumps onto the windows sills or the printer located on a table by the front window so he can survey "his" street... Lovely moment. Pedants in many photo comps would clone out the other eggs! Paul.
  6. It's the garden spider (an orb weaver) commonly referred to as the cross spider - (Araneus diadematus). Paul.
  7. Good lord Stella, it's a dangerous game we togs play! Glad you're healing... Paul.
  8. Spooky! Very good though... Paul.
  9. Paul

    Loco 80097

    For a loco that was sold for scrap, it's looking really smart! Paul.
  10. Thank you Cheryl, I thought "bulldog" when I first looked at the edit! Paul.
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