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  1. Zygiella x-notata and Steatoda bipunctata Both on the fence tonight... Paul.
  2. Beautiful orb weaver - hard to tell from this side, but I think it's a cross spider - Araneus diadematus. Paul.
  3. Lovely - but please, have some of our rain - we have had a lot these last 24 hours! Paul.
  4. You did pretty well, we sometimes struggle to get a single good pic of our own cat!
  5. I thought it was when there were several images uploaded to the same post - i.e. 5 or 6 perhaps? Thought it was Fogey who was having the issue...
  6. I assume the MF is on a string? 2 out of 3 interested, but not the one on the left! Paul.
  7. There's a vampire here.... Paul.
  8. eulophus.mp4 YouTube Video I found these on a caterpillar. Nature being nature, I doubt this one will pupate... Paul.
  9. Raptors in the wild are wonderful to see. Paul.
  10. Thanks Cheryl - it was resting I'd say - there was no food on the leaf, the darker patch in #1 is I think a small droplet of rain water that hadn't evaporated away - it seems to be refracting the bush I reckon. Paul.
  11. Hehehe, to me I sound trashy, common as muck, and proper Lancashire lad, lol... but thank you ever so much - that's a really nice thing to say x
  12. No, I used to have one, but moved to a (budget Yongnuo) twin-flash unit bought for me by the family. Paul.
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