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  1. The huge one in my garden shed is still moving about when I look for something, it has been there for at least five years unless it is another one.
  2. Great photo, great choice Gareth.
  3. Denis


    I am going to guess at (and its only because of your title and sub heading) human skin particles! on what ..I have not any idea
  4. A really good shot of a notoriously elusive bird, I have a couple of shots of one but nothing as clear. Well done
  5. Thats what I meant ..In the wrong words
  6. Denis

    I give up!

    A little moan from me...I know, I know it is very unusual for me to have a little moan I do like to go out walking, and thats about the only exercise I can do, albeit it is a march more than a walk. Now, I usually like walking the river from Harlow Mill to Roydon Lock, I have stopped that because of two things, The towpath has become treacherous to walk on. It looks like the entire population of the County of Essex has been down there in the last week, it is nothing more than a churned up track where you could easily end up in the river.
  7. Very nicely done Paul...but I am looking for the tiniest of critters in there somewhere!
  8. Really like he first image containing the tree on the right, it looks like two legs with clawed feet !
  9. As said , great detail that makes the image exremely sharp but without the hardness of HDR. Photo stacking is something I have never carried out, I'm still in the intrigued stage without actually trying it out
  10. Ooooh..that is Nice Clicks ! The colours of the reflected clouds on the sea and the darker clouds are really good
  11. A very real look at nature Roger, one that many people put out of their minds, but a scene showing that life for birds is so very different from ours. This is natural but for many animal and bird lovers its seems abhorrent. Great images showing it as it really is.
  12. The last shot almost seems like a cartoon drawing Paul...are you sure you are not hoodwinking us
  13. It just had to be one of the set you posted Roger, perfect photos
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