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Hi to all our members ... We  would just like to draw your attention to the latest post on the following link... Thank you for your attention .If you have already responded to my note  on Chatbox  about this please ignore this sticky note ... Thanks  folks ....


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    Great Parndon, Essex.
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    Amateur Photography, Walking, RAF History and Aviation, WWII Airfields and other arcane interests
    Dislikes: Sport..any sport you care to name, I have not the remotest interest in any type of sport!
    Photographs of dressed up dogs and cats in photos are a particular bane ...
    ..oh and Christmas..I bloody hate christmas!
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  1. Good to see you are getting out and about Cheryl, I like the blue hue to the conservatory frame work, reminds me of moonlight.
  2. You did well Leon, something I would never undertake to do in case I ruined the day!
  3. You have captured that scene really well Jon!
  4. Sometimes a firm hand is needed!
  5. No 3 is my fave from the trio Fogey. the sort of place to shade under on a hot day when out walking
  6. Terrific colouring on these eh Paul ?
  7. Great images , that is two less of my most hated insect....
  8. Brilliant image John, such clarity !
  9. Having a right old splash up there eh? Love the water droplets and the reflections off of the disturbed water John
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