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  1. Probably just disintegrated, that end looks more like a break than wear.
  2. It looks to me like the one on the right might have snapped off rather than wearing down.
  3. Not three men in this case (and no dog), right bit of the river but going the wrong way.
  4. Of the river Kennet and the Kennet Navigation (the part of the Kennet and Avon canal from Newbury eastwards). And the historic Monkey Marsh Lock
  5. Thanks everyone. Oaks are always a good subject, especially in mono.
  6. And they tend to be fighting drunks! I'm surprised that you've got apples ripe enough for the wasps to get in yet, even my plums are still mostly like bricks. Great series.
  7. In Savernake Forest (taken back in June, but I only finished the roll this week). Middle-aged Aging: Ancient:
  8. Well that's the price of a great photo.
  9. from my bedroom window. Back in June, on Ektachrome 100 in 120 format (ETRS).
  10. Yes, once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as a mower and much quieter. It's also more versatile–try cutting 2 foot long grass with a lawn mower. Not really, I just like things that do the job. (And to get the occasional break from technology, by profession I'm a space physicist).
  11. My apologies to our Australian members, I'd not realized that a Flymo would be unfamiliar. I think the idea of the dates probably originates with Pi day (3/14 in American ordering). There's also a 116 day (I think only the UK version, 11 June, is recognized, though again there are also Jan 16 and Nov 6 as possibilities). I'd been using the scythe for a while but not that well at the time. The following weekend I did an introductory scythe course at Scythe Cymru, now I'm getting better results (and easier) with the scythe, the only drawback is the need to rake up the cuttings whereas the Flymo has a collector.
  12. I'm not convinced. Clearly it is meant to be a press camera of the 1940's, and the size says sheet film not 6×9 roll film (e.g. Mamiya Press). So, something like a Graflex, but those were folding cameras and while they did have a viewfinder, it was on the side or the top, not through the body. Also that body is big enough for 10×8, and to the best of my knowledge by that time press photographers on the hoof tended to stick to 5×4 and smaller. So nice photo, but a fail for the props department, I would have thought the could have got hold of a real LF press camera, they're not rare.
  13. I took it on 12 July this year (one of three days that are taken to celebrate 127 size film, the other two use American ordering: 7 December and 27 January). A Flymo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flymo) is a rotary lawnmower that uses a air cushion rather than wheels for mobility-- only the handle and power cable are visible.
  14. A shot from the summer 127 day (12/7), Yashica 44, Kodacolor 200 (exp 1996, shot at 100). It was only when I got the scans today, that I realized that the rather forlorn Flymo was peeping through the shed window.
  15. Mundane is not a term I'd use for the second pair.
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