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  1. "Will you walk into my parlour?" said a spider to a fly; Gorgeous capture there.
  2. I think a few feet further to my right would have separated it from the plantation a little better. Here are the others that I took of that tree: From quite a bit further to the right, on Rollei Ortho 25 And from the other side on Ilford HP5+ (slight crop on the LHS because of a light leak in the film holder).
  3. They are bronze age, so a rather newer than Wayland's Smithy. I always find it hard to photograph earthworks, they always seem to end up looking flat.
  4. 7-Barrows is a small (one field) BBOWT nature reserve, that actually has at least 10 barrows in the reserve itself and rather more in the area. A few weeks ago I took the LF camera out there with an assortment of film stocks to try to get the hang of it again. These are a couple of IR images on Rollei IR400.
  5. JamesT

    Loco 80097

    That's not untypical. Many preservation societies bought as many as they could afford from Woodham's and then restored (and indeed continue to do so) them as resources allowed, and some prove a lot more challenging than expected.
  6. Sounds like Sixtus Beckmesser (Die Meistersinger von Nürnburg)
  7. Indeed, great colours. At a quick estimate I'd say you caught it by less than half a minute.
  8. Spotted these fellows this morning while checking on the pond (I added some snails a couple of days ago so I was checking to see if they were moving around at all [they are]). Though I'd seen frogs in the pond since about 24 hours after I filled it up, I didn't see any spawn. Back in Feb I did disturb a pair of frogs under the other escape ramp (an old trouser leg) so I guess that was where they layed. I'm not sure if the larva on the left is a dragonfly or a mayfly -- I only spotted it when I processed the image.
  9. Is it still a DMU when there's only one car? Strangely I think I encountered both those classes back in the '70s, on a school railway club trip to the KWVR, the steam loco was a BR standard-4 tank and then we had a single car unit back from Keighley (BR) to Bradford.
  10. Super catch. I hope the cat cleaned up afterwards.
  11. For me Bowdown woods, I didn't get to the bluebells last year, but I'm taking a week off next week so try to get over without too many people there.
  12. Well seen and captured. You can see why the wildwood was a scary place in the past.
  13. I really like the surreal effect of the features lost below the horizon but revealed in the reflections. In #3 the far shore almost looks to be floating in mid-air.
  14. For the clock it was estimated at 5 mins, I assume from the blur of the minute hand, though the reproduction on that one is not so clear.
  15. This set of Fox Talbot's images may be of interest: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2021/apr/23/henry-fox-talbot-auction-sale-in-pictures
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