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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. Further to my very serious study of the very old, pre graphite pencil, way of drawing with silver and gold wire, I have ventured deeper into its extremely fascinating history and method…..fascinating stuff. The young Boxer pup you have seen previously as a photographic portrait taken about a year ago now; her proud owners have an enlarged version, pride of place in their lounge. here thdn , is a work in progress preview of a Version using mainly silver or gold wire, with gouache and crayon highlights and graphite of crayon darks. progress is quite slow and methodical, bu
  2. It just had to be……congratulations Stella. FUJI
  3. wow! On two counts … your pic reminded me of this painting I did a couple of years ago now… I fell flat on my face walking through woods very close to our house… dented my 300 mm lens…. … then fell on stairs, breaking both legs very soon afterwards… You take care now…. Keep those lovely cat pics coming please…. I miss my moggy’s so much. FUJI
  4. I have a camera club judge as Photographer pal…..we go on shoots together quite often He slated one of my Street pics recently This week it was chosen by our Local Arts Festival to be on display in town…. FUJI
  5. WOW! That is one WINNER of a photograph…. …a must for the Greetings Card …market surely ?.. love it! FUJI
  6. I once placed a trail of jam down a post, it attracted two lines of ants ….those collecting then taking the sugars to their nest ..the others returning for more…I recall I mange’s a few decent ant studies… These are beautifully detailed…. Robot-like …. Even ? FUJI
  7. More incredible detail….. ….Congratulations Paul. FUJI
  8. A huge thank you Hatter…. .. I find that …Silverpoint….is very relaxing and therapeutic… FUJI
  9. Currently I’m experimenting with a ready made… Silverpoint ….primer/ground…. It looks exactly like pouring cream after being shakeN , then left stand to get rid of bubbles…. I have experimented with just one coat on cheap wood pulp watercolour paper….as you can see ….it has a great …tooth…. so my …gold…silver and aluminum metal points all make marks. The little Hare, I produced for the jeweller who saves me short lengths of silver wire… but has to charge me for even the shortest length of 22 carat gold wire…. The house cat belongs to an artist friend…. I was experimenting with different
  10. Cheers! Dee.......... ‘Always great to receive feedback.......
  11. An incredible shot.... one of the best ever....five Stars from me... FUJI
  12. FUJI


    This lady looked to cool and serene, in the bright sunshine Thursday last ..... FUJI
  13. Thank you everyone.... ... FUJI
  14. A handsome chap Paul......I see that he...like me....has Lockdown whiskers.. Not the prettiest of things, but fascinating, and necessary... FUJI
  15. FUJI


    I thought is was a motorbike, approaching from behind me.... ....nope! It was this little bug. FUJI
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