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    Life in general, a camera of some kind is with me whenever I leave the house, thanks to this forum I am contiually honing my.....Photographer's Eye....the result I hope are carefully composed shots straight from viewfinder and after essental processing from RAW:

    Other interests...Local History, Family History, Archaeology, Walking oh....plus Anything creative, my PCs, iPads and smartphone
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  1. Thank you everyone, for your very positive response to my …New moggy post……..Leon so sad to learn of your loss…it is always a very tough time.. Not having another cat, after losing Tinke about 3 yrs ago was seriously considered but I just couldn’t resist Nala, when I saw the plea for her rehoming on Facebook. we wouldn’t have done it had one of our sons not lived with us, so he will take over if we can’t… FUJI
  2. Little Nala had an extremely rough start to her feline life…. When taken in by a local…Small Animal Rescue….she had suffered mysterious cuts to her abdomen…they had been neglected and were festering… she was less than 8 months old. She spent a long time after repairs to grow her beautiful coat back. Then bad luck struck again, on being spayed fir re-homing a cyst was discovered on her ovary… this led to even more surgery, and a long convalescence…..she spent a month or so in a cat foster house. she appeared on Face Book…I fell for her immediately, it is three ish years since we lost 22 yr old Tinke and 18 yr old Big Ollie…. My wife ordered…."No more cats" … I agreed owing to our advanced age.. but little Naka seemed to reach out to me, from FB …So I applied to re-home her…but missed out…I was devastated…but that arrangement fell through….so she really was…MEANT..for us. She will be an indoor cat…to be kept in my room for the first 8 weeks…then free to roam the house, within reason… There is a rider to that….Nala is a …BENGAL… noted for their warp speed running…balletic high jumps….incredible climbing agility…and cheeky intelligence..oh..and a love of water.. Quite a lively mix….fortunately, all the veterinary and nursing care she has received, has made her totally bomb-proof as far as handling is concerned.. she welcomes EVERYONE… and fitted right in on her first day with us. ‘Since her arrival, we have witnessed… her win over completely my doubtful wife…even after climbing to the too of a sideboard gen jumping off taking a vase with her, which smashed a cut glass rose bowl , plus two collectibles… ..she is so sweet..she was quickly forgiven…( Araldite works wonders ) i too have an antique ceiling high sideboard with a central shelf at the highest point…when a silly mood starts , she runs around at war speed, the flies to the highest point…then jumps down with a crash bring dusty footsteps and cobwebs with her… Nala loves her toys, a particular favourite a larger scrunched up pink craft..pipe cleaner which she carries about from room to room…or up to the too of her, furry..Cat-Tree…. Guess what’s coming next ?…you’ve guessed it…
  3. That, Denis…..is exactly what I had from my good lady since 22 yr old TINKE passed on about three yrs ago….but this one….NALA…. seemed to speak to me from The plea from the rescue Centre on FB … Currently we are contracted to keep her in one room for eight weeks….a bit of a challenge considering her breed and age…. …she can go like a rocket when the mood takes her…. She just doesn’t stop for 15 minutes or more….totally bonkers….somersaults, backflips, high-speed climbing and incredibly high leaps especially with her favourite toy….a giant crafts pile cleaner….
  4. After circa three years minus a cat, I have plucked up the courage to rescue a very young Bengal/cross , who had experienced a very real traumatic start to life, far too gruesome to detail here, suffice to say that most of it has been spent at the rescue vets…they repaired her to full health, then when she was about to be spayed a cyst was discovered on an ovary…so back in the recovery cage she went. Now, after a month with a foster/convalescence carer she was ready for rehoming… I knew as soon as ai saw her on local Facebook she was potentially my cat….then I was told she was taken…so ai withdrew my application… but, a week later I learned that her other homing didn’t happen…she was mine. As a result, I now own a fifteen month old , Bengal/Cross moggy, with huge character, oodles of genuine love, together with incredible speed, grace, climbing ability and mischief making… By some quirk of fate…all of the veterinary attention she has experienced has made he very tolerant of being handled… of being fussed by many different humans…she is totally bomb-proof and super friendly to all who approach her…. She has a tall cat-tree in the bay window….plus a fancy new drinking fountain and a box of toys….her favourite being a large crafts pile-cleaner…this is thrown or carried around as if, wild prey… She dies climb where she shouldn’t, but as a very intelligent breed possessing a super moggy memory, she will soon learn my boundaries , set for her. it is this, plus health and family issues that have taken me away from TIPF… temporarily….A major nose haemorrhage saw me dial 999 in the early hours… the crew spent 3 hrs attempting to stop the flow…in A&E later it took 6 silver nitrate sticks to half stop it….for the next two weeks it was touch and go….the experience left me very tired, with a very high blood pressure….increased medication, plus other drugs have stabilised me … still under the Doc, for yet another old fogey symptom… ‘The loss of my Brother in April didn’t help either….so there yiu have it…. Life throws googlies sometimes! But now Inhave a beautiful moggy to take my mind of things….my photography mojo is as good as ever…. ‘’Here is…Nala…
  5. WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! …Thrice …WOW ! Denis….. an amazing story , an incredible experience, that sure beats driving a heavy truck all over…. …you hide your lights under bushels…. …. Thank you for…making my day… FUJI
  6. Thanks for that Polly….it is around a month now since Dee phoned me to explain her current situation…. Such a very strong lady….. Me? ….I would call it….just ticking along……I had a major health scare, requiring an emergency ambulance and crew of three…. I had a major nose haemorrhage, they monitored me for over two hours until It and I stabilised…. I spent most of the next day in A & E being prepared for nasal cauterisation…. Not the nicest of procedures…..the hot weather, plus my record high blood pressure were the causes…. All part of getting very old apparently…. FUJI
  7. This is an incredible set Paul…. So beautifully rendered…..likewise your mini Globby in another post on here… .. you have truly mastered Macro Photography, and the lens you struggled to control, circa five ? Years ago ? Boy! I’m getting ancient…. FUJI
  8. Thank you James…..much appreciated… FUJI
  9. Just done his portrait.. FUJI
  10. Hi, Paul, Your macro work is going from strength to strength, the lighting and detail are spot on…….try offering to make a local school’s educational leaflet, just print a few examples for head teachers, or to the Education Department…..with a working title….say.. DISCOVER WHAT’S IN YOUR BACK YARD…. or similar………or…..your local museum might be interested FUJI
  11. This is …FYNNE…. the second Welsh Border Collie , in my extended family…. ..my granddaughter and partner, keep…Rare-Breed Sheep, so need a working dog. Fynne will be used for that occasionally when trained, he is only just over three months currently , but is sitting and lying on command, and lifting a paw when asked…. He is still at the cute piddling stage, currently, but is improving daily. As you know, I’m a cat person…. But who couldn’t like this cute little Mutt ? FUJI
  12. My experience of these, or similar …Horse-Fly…is that they can land on a bare arm and pierce the skin causing almost no pain… but, they are slow and stupid, so easily swatted, with the free hand…. But , that’s too late …. It might be dead, but you are left with a nasty bite….. I detest the damn things, pretty eyes or not. FUJI
  13. FUJI


    To[notch…..prize-winning macro photography Paul…..you are going from strength to strength……your lighting and focus, are spot on. FUJI
  14. Thanks Dee….. little projects that please me….. I give them as gifts, at random…. Are you still getting the frosty mornings on your patch ? FUJI
  15. Just for fun, and to keep my old hands and brain active, I venture into my untidy workshop, to lathe turn lidded boxes…or…to create quirky…Folk-Art…garden Whirligigs…. These then are close-ups of three of these…. ……..I gain a great deal of pleasure from creating them from discarded wooden off-cuts… I use tiny glass beads for teeth and eyes…these are my….. SEA WITCHES. Shot through one of my many vintage lenses. FUJI
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