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  1. First one for me. Enjoy your new lens. I had a Nikon fit before I went all Fuji and it was a good performer.
  2. Like that. You've caught it in a nice pose.
  3. Even more remarkable. ?
  4. That's a great set Denis. I particularly like the last two with the hat haze from the afterburner. When you say you "popped in".....................?
  5. Thanks Denis. If you go to Nova Scotia, put Lunenburg on your itinerary and book (in advance) a trip on the Bluenose II. Magical! https://bluenose.novascotia.ca
  6. Don't know whether it's a Southern Hawker but it is a beauty. Nice capture.
  7. Missed these. The quality is really good as well.
  8. I hadn't noticed that. However, whether that is anti Corvid or protection against the slip stream.......?
  9. Just dug out the original. It's had some PP and a bit of a crop, but not much of one.
  10. 100-400 mm with the dedicated 1.4x Polly. It did occur to me at the time. If anything depresses me about the current situation it is that there are so many people sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to social distancing.
  11. Originally conceived as a mono image which I may have posted. This is a re work in colour. We had a brilliant holiday in Nova Scotia a few years ago but the first two days in Halifax were in the fog.
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