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  1. ............... with a nod to Bobby Darin. (You've got to be of a certain age. ) X-T4 Fuji 70-300mm + 1.4X
  2. .....together with Common Blue Damsels.
  3. Well deserved Paul. Congrats.
  4. Thanks Fogey, thanks John. Fogey, I love the description "the mascara effect round their eyes". It's so accurate. I like to watch these birds in the Spring when they can be seen on the fells, darting about in pairs.
  5. Less of a rarity up here. I think it's because this is one of the areas they breed in. I have some more images from a couple of weeks ago and they were everywhere as the tide went out. I watched for quite a time and then suddenly, as if someone had pulled a switch, they rose together, did a couple of circuits and then flew off inland. Can't pretend to know what their behavior means but it's fascinating.
  6. I normally catch these in the Spring up on the fells but there were a lot on the foreshore last week.
  7. You see, I knew you were good enough to publish. Congrats. It's well deserved recognition.
  8. Really like these. Dad looks slightly bewildered. I wonder why.
  9. I feel much more at home with the Fujis but as you say, it is so easy to slip into a pocket.
  10. Eagle eyes. The original border was a bit too light so I did a quick selection and darkened it. I hadn't noticed that the selection had picked up on the image in a couple of places.
  11. Sony RX 100VII Still more than impressed with the quality produced by the 1" Sensor in this camera.
  12. Not sure about the seating. Of course not all Cathedral were designed with seating for all. The Hoi Polloi were required to stand. There is a time line on the Cathedral web site that has the following entry: "The Misericords are installed Also known as ‘Mercy Seats’, the Misericords were designed to aid the old and frail by making it appear as though they were standing when in fact they were sat down rested during a service. They are dated between 1365 and 1370." That suggests that seating wasn't initially included in the form of traditional pews etc. There is nothing to suggest it was added later. Denis, nothing special in the way of PP. I merely made an elliptical selection in Photoshop using the Marquee tool, inverted it to select the outside bit and then reduced the saturation to near mono. To ensure a nice smooth transition, the Marquee ellipse needs to be set for a feather of about 100 or so pixels. I'm sure that the same can be achieved in Lightroom.
  13. There must be a market for these Paul. You rarely see this sort of quality, even in the scientific press.
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