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  1. Taken last week at a local wood near Whalley
  2. The first passenger trains on the ELR were running over the weekend for the first time since last year. However an issue at Irwell Vale meant that they were only running as far as Ramsbottom. DMU L101 at Ramsbottom Station DMU L101 leaving for Rawtenstall Loco 80097 running around at Ramsbottom
  3. Ryewolf

    Loco 80097

    Thanks Gareth, it was good to see the trains running again for the first time since last year.
  4. Ryewolf

    Loco 80097

    On the ELR on Saturday
  5. Congrats Paul, you're absolutely killing it on the POTW this year...... I think this #5
  6. Saw a woodlouse the other day on my way out of the house.
  7. Great set Paul, like the last one, still not seeing many bugs around my area.....
  8. This was taken on Pendle Hill looking across the ribble valley, the hill on the left is Pen-y-ghent in Yorkshire. The sun was on the left of the image.
  9. Thanks Clicker, it wasn't raining where I was stood, this was taken with the Sigma 150-600 at 150mm
  10. Congrats from my Cheryl.
  11. Thanks Cheryl. We have 3 Corvids that look similar, a Crow, Rook and Raven, the bird in the image is a Crow, Ravens are much larger and have a thicker beak, Rooks have a distinctive bare white/greyish skin at the base of the bill.
  12. Thanks Clicker, the Heron was about 400ft away, so a biggish crop and a Black-headed Gull chased of the Crow.....
  13. Interesting set Paul, not seen a Reed Bunting or Sedge Warbler before and a nice change from your macro subjects.
  14. Nice set Paul, goats are funny looking animals
  15. Nicely caught Paul, I have the Sigma 150-600mm and a Canon 28-300mm f3.5 L - which is a bit of a beast
  16. I've seen Marsh Harriers at WWT Martin Mere and even with the Sigma 150-600mm they are tricky to catch. You should go to Brockholes with some chicken pieces and get some photo's of Kevin the Kestrel...
  17. Ryewolf


    Nicely caught Cheryl.
  18. Very nice Cheryl and the rays do add drama....
  19. Great set Colin
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