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  1. Lots around at the moment James!
  2. I would sell the house tomorrow and live on one. We got as far as looking at one for sale for £27,000 and while we both loved it, reality set in and realised that for our age we should have done it years ago and grown into it. It would be too much now with my hips and knees playing up as they have the last year
  3. Denis

    8 eyes

    What a Beauty Paul ! Fantastic pic
  4. Most , if not all the boat dwellers I have got to know over the years have cars. You have to move locations every two weeks, but the is always somewhere nearby to park your car, most have a bike to ride along the towpath to pick their cars up and move them.
  5. 2 and 3 are terrific Paul!
  6. My version, tickled in Lightroom and a small tweak with Topaz.
  7. Your stalking paid off Fogey, a great set of images you have caught yourself
  8. Thought I would give this image a bit of a colour boost when processing it. it was taken ealier in the year on one of my solitary walks along the River Stort and was the first real sunny day of the year after what seemed a very long wet dull winter. Nikon D7500-Tokina 11-16mm DXII.
  9. Much appreciated that this was picked, I had almost given up trying to get a photo of any Dragonfly on this particular day, just about to pack up and it settled on a reedstem in a pond about 11 foot away ! Manual focus on my Nikon 200-500mm lens
  10. Zoos are not places I really like , but provide a look and insight into these magnificent incarcerated creatures .
  11. Great feather detail Geoff, especially so on a normally very reluctant subject!
  12. I would give it a spin Geoff, trying to find someone locally with an old Volvo F88 who could let me relive my first impressions of the first big truck I drove when I got my HGV at 21 years old.... Jeez.. 46 years ago
  13. Peterbillt 359 or 363 by the look of it, eye candy but not a patch on a modern Scania or a Volvo for driver comfort and safety
  14. Stretching eighteen miles from Portland to West Bay, Chesil beach Or Chesil Bank as it is known locally is a World Heritage site and part of the Jurassic coast.
  15. A great set Matt, all good and cant pick a fave as they all have their merits
  16. It has been a rotten year for so many,and a strange one for myself retiring into a lockdown. Love the photo you have created there John,a great sky! so glad your skills have not left you and good to see you back. I have had a few months off myself having just posted my first images from this year.
  17. Cute little fellow eh?, Reds are a lot more pleasing to the eye than our Greys !
  18. Denis

    Little engines

    Very good pics of these little locos, I would never have thought the oldest one was really 'that' old ! Seems that design ran and ran.
  19. It may be something to do with the fact they only thrive in a chalky soil Paul.
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