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  1. Good to see you are getting out and about Cheryl, I like the blue hue to the conservatory frame work, reminds me of moonlight.
  2. You did well Leon, something I would never undertake to do in case I ruined the day!
  3. You have captured that scene really well Jon!
  4. Sometimes a firm hand is needed!
  5. No 3 is my fave from the trio Fogey. the sort of place to shade under on a hot day when out walking
  6. Terrific colouring on these eh Paul ?
  7. Great images , that is two less of my most hated insect....
  8. Brilliant image John, such clarity !
  9. Having a right old splash up there eh? Love the water droplets and the reflections off of the disturbed water John
  10. A friend on mine has a son who is as much into blues music as I am, last sunday he had had his first live performance this year at a local pub blues club.
  11. Saw this little chap bounding about in the garden rockery this afternoon, any idea of an ID please?
  12. And a big welcome to you Geebee
  13. Looks similar to the Migrant Hawker that John p and Paul ID'd for me a coupe of weeks ago Kerry, great shot too
  14. Well done, great shots of an Icon Geoff !
  15. Denis


    Simply staggering!
  16. Love the spider shot fogey!
  17. Well played Sir Men rely on 'brownie' points to see us through our lives, it takes a very long time, on average 25 years, to amass a sizable portion of brownies. But one wrong word, one wrong look or one wrong deed can wipe the entire lot out in a flash..even to a point of deficit where it takes a long time before you start collecting brownies again. Wise move David, wise move !
  18. Great choice and a great pic Paul , congrats yet again !
  19. Well done Paul, no surprise to many of us really as your talent and expertise are renowned here. Just so good for you to get wider recognition for all of your creative work, a big round of applause to you!
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