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  1. A lovely photo! Its wonderful to see things like this. Craig
  2. A gorgeous image John. Craig
  3. Now there's a lady which knows how to travel..! Great image! Craig
  4. Wonderful Macros John. Such beautiful detail. Mother nature at her very best! Craig
  5. Oh look a green Thomas! Fantastic photos Rye!! Craig
  6. Last Saturday's Waxing Gibbous Moon.
  7. Congratulations Vanguard. Great image a well worthy winner!
  8. Wow! That's incredible!! I agree about the moon in shade it casts a lot more shadows and the definition of the creators certainly show up better.
  9. Wow! thats some superb zoom there for sure! Great work!
  10. Great shot John. This was shot with a telescope I take it?
  11. Thanks John much appreciated
  12. Thanks FUJ much appreciated my friend
  13. Thank you David and Fogey much appreciated Craig
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