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  1. Nice simple subject and interesting to see what you can do to give a different look.
  2. The clarity is amazing Fuji, enjoy your new toy!
  3. Interesting presentation of a nice subject Cheryl, I like it.
  4. Very interesting sculpture Denis, both sides are nice but #1 is lovely with the background sky and beach colour too.
  5. Congrats Fogey, a beautiful image.
  6. Have really missed out on this Paul, but I am so glad that your fantastic work has gained some recognition. Well done!!
  7. Belated congrats Gareth, great shot and I love the colour!
  8. Well done Cheryl, I loved this as soon as I saw it!
  9. Thanks for your information to Denis Rye, that does explain the train set up. Nice set.
  10. Nice set Ryland, great subjects and nice skies.
  11. Nice set as usual Rye!
  12. Nice one James, she does look as if she is enjoying the ride.
  13. Great set of very interesting textures Karl, and I think the low view point works really well, mono suits it too.
  14. Nice set of an interesting place David - I would be happy to wander around there and see the history.
  15. Nice shot Cheryl, great colour and detail, smart thinking to get that.
  16. Lovely little flower Clicks, I would like to see those in my garden.
  17. Congrats Ryland, great shot!
  18. Congrats again Paul, more of your usual standard!
  19. Congrats once again Paul, well deserved! Great choice Polly.
  20. Kobione

    Norber Erratics

    Nice shot and interesting subject - lots of detail in there to look at.
  21. Lovely shot John, well worth your dampness!!
  22. Nice selection of objects then Clicks, and a nice mix of textures in there too, well done!
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