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  1. Congrats Paul, another one of your brilliant images!! Great choice Gareth.
  2. Will try Polly, and maybe a couple of flower pics too!
  3. Very tranquil scene Clicks, and nice texture in the clouds too.
  4. One of my favourite spots Cheryl - love this view!
  5. Nice that you got the reflections in the foreground Chrissy, nice subject, and nice to see you back again!
  6. I would happily stand where she is in #1 Cheryl, and, as said the red top was a perfect addition to the shots.
  7. Very nice strong sunset colour!
  8. Very nice set, both the colour and the mono Rybear!
  9. Nice view Rye, and somewhere certainly got some rain!!
  10. Nice set Strav - been many years since I saw Ludlow Castle.
  11. Kobione


    Certainly looks as if she is enjoying that casual walk in the sunshine!
  12. That's one big pile of wood chips!!
  13. Kobione


    Nice one Cheryl, looks pretty cool!
  14. Really interesting set Fuji, glad you had a nice day out, and your shots are great!!
  15. Good shot Paul - was too cloudy for me to see the moon!!
  16. Fantastic shot Cheryl, very powerful!!
  17. Congrats Cheryl - a great image!!
  18. Congrats Polly - superb processing for the subject. Nice choice Rye.
  19. Thank you Rye & Clicks, I hope to get out a bit more after this weekend, because the school holidays finish, so maybe a bit more 'space'.
  20. You chose well well for that view Matt, lovely and quite dramatic.
  21. Superb colour and detail there Polly, lovely flowers.
  22. Am not very active recently, not due to Covid restrictions, but due to a hip problem, ok driving and yesterday was nice and sunny, so did a cruisy drive to the Bass Coast. Too many people around for me to walk the dogs on the beach, because it is school holidays here, but I did stop at a couple of laybys where you can see the beach. It was quite breezy and fresh. You can see the path down to the beach on the right, but it was too steep for me.: A closer view of that interesting bit of cliff that is left standing, the dark spot near the top is not somebody climbing it, but there
  23. Nice ones Paul.
  24. Wow interesting detail Paul!
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