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  1. Great memories there for me too. Wester Ross is my favourite part of the country (except in midgey season) . In addition to the stunning landscape work, you have captured some fine cloud formations too.
  2. I have been intrigued by infrared photography for some time and finally got round to splashing out a few pounds on an IR filter. Have been amusing myself with weird colours but this monochrome shot is a bit more understated. 20 secs, F/8, ISO 250.
  3. Let's hope when (fingers crossed) some sort of normality returns we will appreciate these moments more. I have booked a table for five in a perfectly ordinary, chips with everything, pub/restaurant with a great playground for my granddaughter (and me!) for May 24. You won't believe how excited I am about it.
  4. Well composed shots of a striking location. Yvette's red top and the golden sunlit highlight around her hair in No 1 really draw your eye in.
  5. Thanks, Polly you made me smile. I agree about No 2 - it's my favourite too. No, I didn't go up top, thought I would leave that for another 30 years.....can't go rushing into these things.
  6. About 30 years ago I stumbled on this gem while taking a stroll through some previously unvisited woodland. On Saturday I finally got around to photographing it.
  7. Like the mono best but I also prefer the edit. I didn't notice it earlier but there is a hint of mauve in the sky in the original.
  8. I do like this. Captures a sense of remote loneliness. Might be interesting in mono too.
  9. I have posted shots of this ruined mediaeval priory before but these were taken at sunrise yesterday which gives them a different perspective.
  10. We all know it is always rewarding to drag yourself out of bed for the sunrise but it is not always easy to motivate yourself. After several days promising myself I would do it I finally made the leap today. Much colder than I expected but here's one of my better efforts. More to follow.
  11. This has a hint of an abstract feel about it. Tranquil, restful image.
  12. I had no idea what that meant but Google made sense of it for me!
  13. Yes - the shadows are a bit of a giveaway! It was approaching sunset. We stayed one night, at a sort of campsite in the desert and were woken at 6.00 a.m. by the rich kids from Dubai playing with their toys. As you said playtime is out of the question once the sun gets up to full strength. Here they are:
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