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  1. Having been a fan of the 'Shadows' since my teens (that's a long time) I have never heard anyone come close to playing 'Wonderful Land' like Hank Marvin.... that was until I came across this guy... he really is amazing.
  2. A Lesser Emperor Dragonfly and what I think is an Azure Damselfly.
  3. Lovely photo... I wish I had grand children but it's not going to happen. I only have one son, he is 43 and has suffered mental problems since his teens.
  4. I think it's a Saker Falcon...I'm fairly sure Lanner Falcons have yellow legs and feet.
  5. My friend who lives near me has been feeding four all through the winter, they don't always hibernate. They have been using her two Hedgehog houses to sleep in, one of the houses I made.
  6. Perhaps I'm a bit odd but when I take photos I try to capture the the scene the way my eyes see it and neither of these images look natural to me... Sorry David! I have had a twiddle with the first image and it looks much better to me... I don't usually play around with the images of other members for fear of upsetting them so I will refrain from posting unless I'm asked to do so.
  7. The Robin in the first two shots is really friendly, I went out earlier to see if I could find it again. It seems to like the same resting spot, I did see it again and I nearly had it feeding from my hand... I will keep trying!
  8. I have been to all the Canary Islands except one and I like them all, they are all different and La Palma is my favourite, I've been there six times.
  9. I ventured out with my camera this morning and I managed to find a couple of friendly Robin's. Panasonic DMC-FZ2000.
  10. https://www.talyllyn.co.uk/homepage
  11. Spot on Polly! Nice capture Fogey!
  12. Shots taken with a Panasonic FZ20 camera which I thought was pretty good at the time.
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