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Weekly Competition #73 - Open Theme - Voting Closed

Tie Break Time  

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  1. 1. 24 hour tie-break

    • Black Pearl
    • ColinB

Voting is now closed in this poll

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Sorry this is so late, chums, I'm in the Peak District at the moment and even though there's a strong wifi signal my MacBook won't recognise it. Having to do this on a borrowed Windows laptop. Gloat on you Mac haters!

So..... this week, coz this is so late, I thought we'd have an open theme. Post a photo of anything you like, and you've got until midnight on Friday 25th to do it. We'll then have one o' them voting thingies and we'll select the bestest one.


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Typical .. Just like people, sheep are following the "mannequin " trend  ... .  Erm is that called ... Irony .. ? :whistle:

We really must have a new caption competition folks .. This one is just gagging for one .... :lol:  

Sorry Korks ..off topic a bit .. Great theme too 

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On 11/21/2016 at 09:48, Korky said:

Photographed yesterday in bloody awful weather, this has been edited on my Mac,then stuck on a USB drive and uploaded via a borrowed Acer laptop. Why can't life be simple?

I love the Peak District but would definitely have given it a miss yesterday.  You deserve an award for confronting the weather!

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9 hours ago, Korky said:

I've set up the poll, but it doesn't seem to be working and I'm not sure what I've done wrong. Help!


Sorry Korks ... I cannot see why that isn't working .btw  I've deleted my earlier post asking you to set up a poll for the tie  ).... Think it may be a job for Phil to sort ...I presume you followed the same procedure  as before ...

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1 minute ago, Clicker said:


Sorry Korks ... I cannot see why that isn't working .btw  I've deleted my earlier post asking you to set up a poll for the tie  ).... Think it may be a job for Phil to sort ...I presume you followed the same procedure  as before ...

Got it fixed - vote people vote!!!!

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er... gosh, well I hadn't written a speech so... firstly I would like to thank my wife for giving me the time to take the picture, nikon for making the camera and of course Brian McLernon who was the 'photographer' in the picture (and good friend) and of course All who voted for me.

Brian has a web site at : http://daisychained-photography.com .

guess I had better start a new comp....

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Usually Colin this would have been decided by last FRIDAY ,,,( Well done btw .. Lovely image ) and you as the winner would have been  required to submit a new challenge on the Saturday  ( last Saturday )to run ,  allowing entries till midnight this Friday.. Because there was a tie break it's taken till today to decide the winner so it is leaving only  four days ostensibly to post entries ( till midnight Friday ) .  I have sent a message to Phil  to see if  he wants to just allow  4 days for the entries to be submitted so have your theme ready to post in the next hour or two if possible . I  suspect the answer to your message to me  may appear on this thread  from Phil...   Every week we are able to  BOTH enter one weekly challenge  and  vote for the previous week's  challenge  concurrently ...  Unless Phil says differently I should start  the next challenge straight away  with entries closing midnight this Friday  9 th  Dec ......

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