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  1. 2017 was a bad year for fires. i was in jackson, wy near the tetons in september and october and i was watching the fires coming north through the valley. they didn't think it was going to come to jackson, but you could see the fires lighting up the mountains every night. it wasn't too far off.
  2. gorgeous view. looks a little hazy or smoky, were you there during wildfire season?
  3. congrats. 30mm sounds like it'll be a good walk around lens.
  4. thanks. they're pretty common around here if you're near the bay. down this one road (maybe about a mile or so long) there's two nesting pairs, this one i think is nesting on the old pylons of a former lighthouse that burned down. the one thing i have to watch out for in this location is drug dealers. there's a nesting pair in the river behind my aunt's house, they screech constantly. thanks. it's seems to be more common to see them with a fish than without. they hold on to the fish for awhile and eat them slowly.
  5. found this osprey on the way home from work.
  6. that's sounds like it's a yellow crowned night heron. they look pretty similar, except the top of their head is a pale yellow instead of black.
  7. i only spent 2 days around reykjavik. it was also raining so everything just seemed grey (i like grey). the rest of the country could be very grey if it was raining or foggy (i'm a big fan of grey), but when the sun was out it was one of the most colorful places i've ever been.
  8. beautiful. love the boat and scale in the last.
  9. skogafoss was packed when i was there in october. it took me about 10 shots to be able to erase everybody in post as they moved around. nice golden light on the falls.
  10. i don't really remember reykjavik being a colorful town. there were spots of color, but it seemed to be a lot of grey and concrete in between too. i guess you need a birds eye view to see it. gorgeous light.
  11. loki

    Loco 44871

    like the comp. on this one a lot.
  12. loki

    In Disguise

    check out some local stores. see if you have any art co-ops nearby or a local vendor mall/store where you can rent space. i'm selling at a store in one of the tourist towns near the beach and we get a ton of tourists, plus the locals. the booth rent looks a lot more expensive than a craft fair, but it's open all month long (except for the past few weeks, of course), and as long as the store has the foot traffic you can make a lot more than in craft fairs too.
  13. loki

    Is It me...?

    some strong b&w tones in this. perfect for the texture of the wet sand.
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