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  1. I’m not sure, Fogey. Black Kites gather in groups so them being together is not unusual but the rain maybe the reason they’re not hunting.
  2. So true, Paul. Fortunately for me, quite a lot of species of raptors live on the plains where I travel weekly. Of course, getting close enough to get good photos is challenging.
  3. Ha ha.I did read that this bird was named after the English Hobby though this one is faster. Sounds like your Merlin isa different raptor again.
  4. Im glad. I don’t know much about the different English accents and their origins.
  5. Thanks. After I asked that question I saw your setup with flashes in your video
  6. On my way to work across the plains, I was pleased to get some photographs of this little raptor, an Australian Hobby, with signs of some successful hunting on its feet and beak. We’ve had a wet year with exceptional growth in living things.
  7. These black kites are common here having benefitted from intensive farming of pigs and cattle as they are keen scavengers. They spend a lot of time soaring on the thermal slowly circling often quite low so are lovely to photograph in flight.
  8. Wow, it’s hard to work out what is happening here. Looks like the spider has its head inside the carcass is of whatever it is. Gruesome.
  9. I’m with John on #7. Great to see it filling the frame almost.
  10. Strange creature. Looks a bit like a grasshopper.
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