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  1. It's great to see so many members getting out and about and posting photos on TIPF! And so many that I really like particularly Paul's macro photos of a ladybird beetle on a gerbera flower but the photo I've chosen is the "You have to crack eggs to make an omelette" by VWGolf - very original subject, skillfully executed and lots of fun.
  2. Yes near Wedderburn, an hour from home.
  3. On my way home the sun was setting so fast, I had a sense of urgency to pull over. Fortunately there isn't much traffic out there.
  4. Great perspective with the Graylag coming towards you (I assume its a duck). I'm glad the ankle is on the mend.
  5. Amazing! These are all great but I especially love the front view in #1.
  6. The face on the left reminds me of the painting The Scream. Great shot.
  7. CMunzel

    Loco 80097

    Its great to see your locomotive photos back, Geoff. I agree with Stella and Gareth about preferring the mono.
  8. A great set of macros. love the colours and, of course, the detail on the ladybird beetle..
  9. I love it also, Stella. It didn't occur to me to think the egg carton was cut off as its not important to the story. I like the composition and tight cropping.
  10. Lots of detail in this image. It looks like a lovely place to be on a warm day.
  11. Beautiful detail and colours and worthy of the POTW. Well done Paul.
  12. CMunzel


    Yes. Freezing - made my ears ache.
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