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  1. Mr Pochard Mrs Pochard Unca Pochard Next door neighbour
  2. You can see why they chose New Zealand to film The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
  3. Absolutely no idea what this is apart from it being a spider. 'Twas damned fast though.
  4. Exactly Fuji. If I had a photograph slated by a camera club judge, I would know it was above average.
  5. What a landscape that is - simply stunning............. and well taken to boot.
  6. I agree with fooj - that is the shot of a lifetime. And that is why I don't belong to a camera club. When the so called judges see a good grab shot like that, they'll make up any puerile excuse to denigrate it.
  7. How to canoodle on water. Lovely shot.
  8. You stick with photographing wildlife - that is one cracking image. In my time, I've fallen in a river, a lake, numerous ponds, my wife, bless her, stopped me walking off a cliff and walking in front of a car - each and every time I had my eye glued to the lens trying to get 'that moment'; so welcome to the club. Well done on saving your camera.
  9. Without doubt it's the contrasting background that does it for me. When portraying a very bland image such as a dandelion clock, then chiaroscuro has to be the way forward.
  10. It has no shame, has it? Lovely set, Paul.
  11. When I saw the potential scene I had to wait until the stag was positioned in the right place. I had the idea of using the stag as a lead-in line to bring the viewer's eye to the distant woodland.
  12. I love this sort of scene. Now is the time to visit Tintern Abbey methinks - if memory serves me correct there are a plethora of bluebells on show. Nicely spotted and taken Gareth.
  13. Puts me in mind of The Hobbit, when they left the Shires. Great shot and well spotted.
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