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  1. Has that had your flower treatment Polly, or is that natural aperture blurring.
  2. Are they sat there because it's raining, Cheryl?
  3. That video quite put me off my breakfast. Cracking photography, though.
  4. Some more from Wells, Somerset. Bishop's Castle entrance. Castle Moat Rear of castle Castle Lawn Feeding the pigeons
  5. Yes Paul it was me. The original post worked fine, in that I was able to post 4 images in one post. However, subsequent posts made immediately after the OP in the same thread, while they would upload, the software wouldn't allow the second post to submit. Yet a day later I was able to post a further 4 images. It would appear there is a time restraint that has to be satisfied before the Original Poster can post again in that thread.
  6. Taken with my Praktica film camera, back in the day.
  7. I did try to post some more images immediately after the four you saw and no, they weren't too big. It seems to me that there is a time limit that has to be satisfied before the original poster can add images to the thread that has been created.
  8. Some shots from the grounds. Again, the photos were loaded but didn't post.
  9. Another attempt at uploading some photographs. Some of the myriad of sub-tropical flowers within the jungle scenes we encountered.
  10. Had a message saying I had exceeded my allocated number of uploads for the post.
  11. With a myriad of flowers to follow that I am not allowed to upload, apparently.
  12. I went to Wisley Gardens with my sister last Wednesday. A few shots of the day. The entrance to the glasshouse. To be met with Jungle one scene. Followed by Jungle 2 scene. and then a desert scene.
  13. A cracking photograph. I seem to remember reading these raptors do very well predating on Swifts and Swallows.
  14. A lovely capture, Cheryl. So, so sharp.
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