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  1. A trip to Birmingham Pride yesterday, understandably much smaller attendance this year than in the past
  2. It is indeed King Arthur. I came up to where his hands are at just 5'7" so its fairly imposing
  3. They should name a song after that title
  4. Some bloke in Tintagel Waited ages for everyone to stop posing with him
  5. Lovely tones and colour on this one, love the pastel effect
  6. OK ...... what the hell is he pointing at us now!
  7. Just took this as an experiment a little later - just a bit of light from a street light behind me which lit up the boats but otherwise dark, and hand held taken at 32000 ISO
  8. Thank you, the trip was a challenge as being with family I wasnt really able to set up tripods properly so everything taken hand held, even one I took in pitch darkness at 32000 ISO!
  9. Some great shots, my particular favourite is #2
  10. Ive seen them at Chester Zoo and at the Nature Centre in Birmingham, but as said, they do tend to spend a lot of time up trees
  11. A dozing Red Panda at Newquay Zoo
  12. Just back from a week in Cornwall .... 7 hours to get there and almost 8 to get back. It was a nice break in between the driving though
  13. Nice set, autumn is setting in by the looks of it
  14. It must be spooky near your doorstep
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