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  1. I know what you mean about a crop, buit for some reason I wanted to keep the cafe in at bottom left It was a nice day, I think the grass in the castle had been treated in some way, as you can see its a different colouring to elsewhere
  2. Haven't been here for years and having descended into a state of total boredom we took a trip to Ludlow
  3. Great sunset, love the colours and reflection
  4. Nice shot, the warmth of the sun and the frosty cold ground make a nice combination
  5. Lovely shot, love the tones and nicely composed
  6. Yes, its lovely to actually go out and take some photos at last
  7. Very nice Matt - I'm off to Cornwall in September and am looking forward to it, its been years since Ive toured there
  8. Nice set, I like the second one myself
  9. Well .... you have to be sure dont you I love those old viaducts and bridges
  10. Good choice, well done Paul
  11. So much detail, wonderful shot
  12. Thanks all, that's very kind
  13. Thanks all I cant get out to do any landscape photography, so I'm restricted to Birmingham which is only a short distance from me ...... the local park is overrun with people exercising, so thats not an option either when you dont like people in your pics
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