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  1. Loving the atmosphere of the first one.
  2. After a long period of no inspiration and day to myself, I’ve no idea how many shots I took to get the look I was after. Thank you all again.
  3. That’s a pleasant surprise, Thank you all
  4. It still amazes me every time I see it. Hopefully I won’t bore you all when I share them.
  5. Stunning light at Hunstanton.
  6. Thank you both, the darker of the two images is part of my on going project. The other one is like a B side
  7. No answers or life at the bottom of a bottle.
  8. A well deserved winner, well done.
  9. Works for me, very graphic with all the straight lines and 90 degrees corners.
  10. That’s a good idea.
  11. Very nice, the back light certainly lifts your image.
  12. Lovely images, but your second image really works for me. Lovely light and tones, I'm not normally a fan of the milky flat water look but that very effective in this image.
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