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  1. a friend dragged me out of the house to help her learn to do long exposures....told me straight ..leave your camera at home so you can concentrate on helping me ...so being a photographer i put my little tz30 compact in my pocket before i left the house ..so we nipped over to broad pool and were treated to some awesome conditions...be rude not to take a few pics and i just love the colours this little camera produces in sunset mode
  2. took a spur of the moment trip with a mate up to the bulwark which is an iron age hill fort on llanmadoc hill here on the gower peninsular and we were treated to a cracking sunset
  3. went down to llanrhidian church ( the village where i grew up ) to take a few pics on Sunday but wasn't happy with the results...clear blue sky . so after watching the sky all day i nipped down after work as its only a few miles away and finally got the images that were in my mind
  4. so after porthcawl i drove back to gower and decided to go to oxwich church ..took a few pics in the church yard and as i walked back out i turned around and these was my baby callie just sitting there in the gateway ...i just had to take a pic
  5. we've finally been let loose in wales so it was a 4am start to get to porthcawl in time for the sunrise on Saturday morning ... bad day to try long exposures as it blowing a hoolie but i managed a few
  6. nipped down to llangennith after work to get the sunset
  7. decided to get up early on Sunday to see if there was gonna be a nice sunrise ...it wasn't bad but i made one mistake ....and that mistake ended up as my favorite pic of the morning...in no3 i cocked up the exposure length ..did 2 mins and it was nowhere near enough.. no4 was 4 and a half minutes
  8. thank you very much ..i had a lucky morning
  9. i had a lot of problems getting the pics to upload a while back ...getting them the right size..... so i switched to linking from flickr
  10. well when you do make it i can give you a few pointers on where to go
  11. been couped up for so long i had to get out for my sanity so i snuck out with camera
  12. going back through my old pics i been reprocessing old pics that i didn't choose to process when i took them ...found this old one of the lookout..a ww2 structure in the loughor estuary
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