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  1. i enjoyed my trip to the glamorgan vale ploughing match so much that i looked for another to go to ....found the welsh ploughing championships at llancayo nr usk...this was a much bigger set up with much more tractors but unfortunately there were only 2 sets of horses as i was hoping for more but i did get plenty of pics of everything
  2. I'm a bit behind on my photo sharing so i got a lot of catching up to do ...took a trip to pembrokshire about a month ago to have a look at somewhere i saw in my fotovue guide book ..i was not dissapointed
  3. went to a ploughing match a couple of weeks ago ...i had an image in my mind so had a go at getting it
  4. thank you so much ...it was a lovely morning that
  5. headed out with a friend for a sunrise at broad haven south and had a few nice pics
  6. nipped down to rhossili to catch what turned out to be an awesome sunset
  7. did a sunrise at mumbles a few weeks ago ...it was awesome to see an otter walking alone the waterline in the distance as i pulled up in the car...wish i could of got a pic ...but there was a nice tree plonked on the beach by the tide and i thought i try and be creative in the last pic of the buoy,
  8. during my week off i got out as much as i could with the camera..went back to ceibwr bay to try some different angles and walk a bit further around the coast ....I'm terrified of heights and really struggled to take the second pic as the path was inches from the drop down to the rocks
  9. took this a few weeks ago and only now I'm getting round to posting it .........I've seen these trees loads of times from a distance on my visits to llanmadoc hill a few weeks ago....they have died because a ancient sea wall breached a few years ago in a storm and the national trust decided to leave it and let nature create new marshland...but i knew these trees could produce a cracking image ....these are some of my favorites from this year
  10. had a week off last week and got out as much as i could with the camera ....starting with a 1am start to get to the elan valley for sunrise......i was hoping for a cloud inversion but it didn't happen and i just got cloud so i gave up and walked back down from the hill above the claerwen dam and headed home .....but on the drive down the valley i saw a cracking image and managed to get it as there was no traffic at 7am just love this one
  11. on the drive up to the devils staircase in the abergwsen valley i stopped at a lovely little waterfall by the side of the road
  12. on my drive across the brecon beacons i stopped at the maen lila standing stone to take a few pics
  13. headed up into the hills above llyn brianne reservoir and found a nice little waterfall near the road
  14. a friend dragged me out of the house to help her learn to do long exposures....told me straight ..leave your camera at home so you can concentrate on helping me ...so being a photographer i put my little tz30 compact in my pocket before i left the house ..so we nipped over to broad pool and were treated to some awesome conditions...be rude not to take a few pics and i just love the colours this little camera produces in sunset mode
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