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  1. Can't beat an old viaduct catching the sun. Love it.
  2. Love looking at old engines. My boy is autistic and trains are his 'thing' and has been for a few years now. His knowledge of engines is amazing, right down to what lines they were used on in which years and in which liverys. Personally, I just think they look cool and wish there were more of them running daily. We've got a few privately run places here in Cornwall where you can still get up close and personal to these old engines and smell them Fingers crossed they'll be open again soon. Cracking image.
  3. Hope you have a good time, it's a great part of the country with plenty to explore and photograph!
  4. Gorgeous place. Great set of images.
  5. Yeah, I didn't notice until this morning. Now I'm looking at the edit I'm thinking it still isn't quite right...perhaps I'll just run with the mono and forget about finding the right colour balance.
  6. I did do a mono version I also made a cooler edit this morning, with fresh eyes that one above looks a tad warm now?
  7. Hard to do this place justice in a single photo... Rough Tor is the second highest peak in Cornwall. This is taken from the top today, looking over to Brown Willie, the highest point in Cornwall. I walked them both today. Would love to spend some proper time up there catching a sunrise, or sunset....but not sure my legs could handle another trip just yet!
  8. Another shot of the same Robin.
  9. Cracking shot. Didn't see this the first time around. Great choice.
  10. I think that's the landscape photographer in me trying to take over!
  11. Started as colourful sunset...not much colour so took a different direction?
  12. I very rarely photograph wildlife, but this little chap let me get my 17-40F4 right up to him at its closest focusing distance. Happily sat there watching me snap 30 shots of him.
  13. I love this, such a simple but pleasing image.
  14. Godrevy Beach, last evening. I didn't think the sky was going to be friendly, but this emerged about 10 minutes after the sun dropped and lasted for about 5 only.
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