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  1. Love that first shot!
  2. Great shot and a well deserved win!
  3. I like this! The thumbnail preview on my phone just doesn't do it justice though...needs to be seen BIG!
  4. Misty start to the day. Went for a stroll through Penrose Woods, nr Helston.
  5. No, there was a tin mine there that closed in the late 1800s. The mine workings are gone but the chimney was retained as navigation aid. So it serves the same purpose as a lighthouse but without the light. There is now a coastguard watchtower behind it, so it's pretty redundant and just serves as monument to a previous time.
  6. Went back to Cape Cornwall last evening to catch the setting sun...unfortunately cloud cover ruined any sunset. Still a gorgeous spot!
  7. Thanks guys. Got one more....
  8. Dropped my littlest to a jewellery making class today and was at a loose end for a few hours. Cape Cornwall was just up the road, and as I'd never been there....it seemed rude not to.
  9. West Wheal Owles ( I think ), pretty sure it was numerous times as both Grace and Leisure. Botallack is a gorgeous spot, and even better when the cafe is open.
  10. No, not from this angle. But I'm happy to go back and get more.
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