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  1. Found this after pulling off the road into a small camp site at Lake Wanaka on the South Island of NZ
  2. Great set of images, the first is my favourite
  3. Yes, thats great ... it's easy to remove stuff in PS as well with content aware fill and also using the "clone brush"
  4. I had no real choice with this one, as I didnt want to lose the foreground or the sky
  5. I'm quite in to architectural photography and reflections. I know B&W can be very effective but I always tend to go for colour because of the vivid colours you can often pick out. It's great also combining the old and the new I'd probably be removing that branch and the sign on the right
  6. Another from Te Anau lake in New Zealand
  7. Yes I like that, love old buildings and peeling paint
  8. Just before we got on the boat, couldnt lose the dock without clambering into the water
  9. Oh dear, going to the doctors can be a dangerous thing
  10. I've never quite understood skiing. Going out in the freezing cold, falling over a lot and risking life and limb
  11. Lovely shot ... personally I may have cut it off at wall level at the bottom and applied a bit of an ND effect to the sky area
  12. Strange how a place can change so much between 2000 when I was last there and this year. Frantic, frenzied, horrendously loud and the whole population seems to walk the streets whilst looking at their smart phone and not expecting to walk into anyone. The Peak was peaceful compared
  13. Whole area there was a bit surreal because of that clear water and the trees underneath
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