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  1. Wherry Dark

    I agree ... and in the pitch dark as well :-)
  2. Collégiale Notre Dame des Marais

    Nice symmetry and the light is really nice
  3. Durham

    Like number 2 especially
  4. Down the Aisle With TOPAZ

    Nice one, I like Topaz, dont use it enough
  5. Hippo

    I think this was the same Hippo, about 2007-8 I think he was definitely aware of me that time :-)
  6. Morroch Bay

    Lovely shot
  7. Bradgate Park

    Number 2 for me, definitely, like the light
  8. £25 pound winner

    Well done, well deserved
  9. A pair of Greenfinch

  10. Hippo

    Here's a Hippo & a Leopard from Valencia Bio Park Difficult conditions with the hippo, through a plate glass window with quite bad light, lots of debris in the water as well as loads of fish getting in the way
  11. Lions at Bristol Zoo

    Thanks all, been away, sorry for delay in replying
  12. Photography Show NEC Birmingham

    Looks like Sunday for me
  13. Lions at Bristol Zoo

    Yes, unfortunately the Lions chose not to go to the glass, and the glass was pretty scratched and mucky anyway :-). Chester Zoo is far better, and Valencia Bio Park is probably the best Ive been to for a long time (apart from San Diego). Hope to get to Valencia next month
  14. fenland dusk

    Lovely shot

    Ive always found that a difficult place to photograph, only got one I really like and Ive been there a few times, being a Warwickshire lad No 3 is my favourite of them, I too like the mom versions