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  1. Stravinsky

    POTW - 18/3/2018

    Trust me to only notice this months after the event Sorry ..... and thanks
  2. Stravinsky

    Rua Augasta Arches

    I think it blends in quite well with the rest of the shot
  3. Stravinsky

    Regency Wharf & the Hyatt

    Thanks John, yes the first one was the original shot I set up for, the second was entitled "Canal Life" elsewhere, as people are living on those narrowboats, more or less in the city centre
  4. Stravinsky

    Rua Augasta Arches

    Very nice, I always think those walk ways make great photos, got one in Havana that is very similar
  5. Stravinsky

    Sunset Over Middle Mouse

    Lovely shot
  6. Stravinsky

    Beadnell and Beyond.

    Great set
  7. Ive taken on a University student for a while, as he was struggling to find a placement which he HAS to do to pass his year. The good thing about it is it gets me out a bit for a change. I'm not a pro by the way, but because I have my own web site and do sell bits and pieces ... well, it's a means to an end for him This on a walk around the Birmingham Canal system with the Hyatt Hotel. Shame is, I have to do the walks around 11- 3pm so not the best light
  8. Stravinsky

    Ghent Wall Art

    I was walking over the main river bridge with the intention of taking a shot of the wall art, and then noticed the three people in red walking along. Only a split second to take it before they would have been gone
  9. Stravinsky

    Our Back Road into Edinburgh

    Great shot
  10. Stravinsky

    Ghent Wall Art

    Just a random shot that caught my eye with the great wall art and the family walking past
  11. Stravinsky


    It's the image stabiliser function on the lens. It helps when you are taking low light shots as you can "gain" a stop or two, but when you use it on a tripod for long exposure shots the motor in the lens is running all the time you are taking that shot so it causes blurring. So IS should always be turnd off when you are taking long exposure shots on the tripod
  12. Stravinsky


    Thanks so much .... I must admit I usually tend to take shots in the complete dark, but for once I was able to get out at the right time ... and as a bonus I didn't forget to turn the IS off on my lens
  13. Stravinsky


    The thing about Iceland is, that once you get away from the tourist route of the Golden Circle, you can go for ages without seeing anyone, or any houses - thats what it looked like for miles in some areas of the north
  14. Stravinsky

    Settle Station

    Unfortunately that wasnt possible in Ghent, as there were so many of them. If you look at the Ghent shot I put up, there was one slap bang in the middle
  15. Stravinsky

    As Evening Draws In

    Very nice