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  1. Stravinsky

    Baddesley Clinton

  2. Stravinsky

    Baddesley Clinton

    I often seem to find that when dealing with a building like this a mono / sepia effect seems to work better ... what do you think?
  3. Stravinsky

    Natural light portrait

    I actually already did increase it on that second shot above ;-). I didnt want to do it too much as I wanted the contrast of shadow and light
  4. Stravinsky

    Natural light portrait

    Presume you mean left hand side ... I can certainly bring some detail up, I was sort of going for the dark effect
  5. Stravinsky

    waterfall country

    Very nice images ...... Ive been struggling with photography for a while .... hoping to get a new lease of life when I go on holiday soon
  6. Stravinsky

    Misty Morning Sun Rise... 1

    Great shot Geoff .... I'm not the only one thats had a few issues uploading then
  7. Stravinsky

    blackthorn tree

    I love the first one, the light and colours are marvellous
  8. I never take pictures of people, in fact I go out of my way to not have people in my shots .... but I was kind of forced into this when a model turned up to a local photo walk - I'll try anything once. Trying to take with natural light from the window on the right
  9. Stravinsky

    Baddesley Clinton

    A recent one from Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire
  10. Stravinsky

    Down and dirty

    That was the first time underground, but Ive done light painting in canal tunnels before. This was a bit more involved as we needed equipment such as lighting as well as the wire wool
  11. Stravinsky

    Kings & Sequoia National Park, California

    It was a hike, you'll be pleased to know
  12. One I took and only just got around to processing from my last trip to this beautiful area
  13. Stravinsky

    Two more from the culverts

    I was lucky in that the other two had done the planning. They had two rucksacks full of lighting equipment, pyro, torches and a smoke machine. Without the lighting it would have been a challenge as it was pitch dark down there
  14. Stravinsky

    The falls in The Grampians

    Very nice shot, water frozen just about right
  15. Stravinsky

    Morton Castle Dumfries and Galloway

    Great silhouettes & reflection