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  1. Taken from a Ferry , Fiordland is what you drive through to get to Milford Sound
  2. Thanks Korky, they are available from me directly, I send them out 2nd class signed for in reinforced envelopes, paypal is the best method for payment
  3. Admin Approved Many years ago back in the mid 70's I started taking photos of the streets of Birmingham, first with a Zenith EM and later a Pentax ME Super. I knew they might come in handy one day (NOT!). Finally after 5 or 6 months of planning my collection of images of Birmingham has just been published. I thought it appropriate that the profits go to Helping Hands of Birmingham, a charity which helps the genuine homeless of our city. It is A4 size with a 350 gsm gloss laminated cover and 40 high quality images on 170 gsm silk paper. Shots are of the city taken during day and night spanning from the Lucas Motorsports event in the mid 80’s right up to present day. The cost is £10 + £2.72 postage, all profits to Helping Hands (shameless spamming). I'm only sad that a lot that I took back in the 70's weren't good enough to print and the negatives have long gone. I spent time in 2016 replicating those 1970's shots to show how things had changed. They look almost acceptable on the scans, but printing was not possible to a good standard Anyway, if you know anyone who might be interested in one of the books, I would be grateful for your support in letting them know ... as the more I can sell, the more can be done for the genuine homeless of the city of Birmingham
  4. Yes its going around the country, here in Birmingham until early June I think
  5. I dont do a lot of B&W conversions .. but here we go
  6. .... lands in Birmingham
  7. Hopefully I can upload them now, seemed to struggle on the other thread
  8. Well, I'm very critical of myself and I see so many brilliant people shots its difficult to get near them .... thank you for saying so anyway, I'm trying to upload the others at the moment
  9. I seem to be having issues again uploading photos 🤔
  10. I'm not a great people shooter, just something I've ever done. Couldn't resist at Birmingham Pride today. Not the best photos I guess, but it was a joy to watch so many people having a good time in these sometimes depressing times
  11. Agree, the 3rd my favourite for the light and the way it falls on the ground
  12. It was, there was a long twisting hill with a nice accommodating layby at the top
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