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  1. Stravinsky

    The Rotunda Birmingham UK

    Done that, but it isnt as high as the Rotunda. Also done some shots from way up in Alpha Tower .... difficulty there is shooting through dirty glass. We're planning to do a roof shot from Alpha Tower but it takes time to get in with the management company
  2. One of the greatest guitarists I never managed to see. The wife did, I hate her for it
  3. Stravinsky

    The Rotunda Birmingham UK

    Right at the top of the Rotunda there are rooms for rent, even for a night, and they have a balcony. Even though I live here I'm going to rent one sometime so I can take some nice cityscapes. Will have to hope for a decent sunset though
  4. Stravinsky


    Kenilworth ... the home of the charity shop, unless it's changed I like before and afters, Ive done a few of those (but obviously more recently.
  5. Stravinsky

    Igreja de São Martinho

    Great shot, those clods are epic
  6. Stravinsky

    Early morning light

    Lovely shots
  7. Stravinsky

    Dusk at Hunstanton

    Love number 2, nice touch leaving the people in there
  8. Stravinsky


    Nice, I like the ripples in the fourth, and the sun in the third Couldn't mix em up, could you
  9. Stravinsky

    Lavender Fields

    Thanks all. @Clicker - yes indeed, lots of selfie taking japanese tourists, but I got to this one first
  10. Stravinsky

    Lavender Fields

    In my bid to take photographs whils looking after ill relatives, managed to get out to th Lavender Fields in the Cotswolds a few days ago. Beautiful views, but very hot and ended up with a little sunburn
  11. Stravinsky

    The Balancing Rock

    Amazing how it sits there - went there long ago when I had a film camera and captured nothing of note
  12. Stravinsky

    Porto at Night

    Great couple of shots
  13. Stravinsky

    POTW - 18/3/2018

    Trust me to only notice this months after the event Sorry ..... and thanks
  14. Stravinsky

    Rua Augasta Arches

    I think it blends in quite well with the rest of the shot