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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. On a rare venture out with my camera lately, visited the Birmingham Oratory Taken with a 16-35 lens at 16
  2. That would be the lock keepers cottage, slightly to the left of where I was standing. Last year it suffered a fire and is now boarded up with high fencing all around. No one knows if they are going to renovate it sadly, there is a guy on our local Birmingham forum who used to live there. It WAS empty, so I suspect that someone probably broke in or rough slept in there and caused the fire
  3. Thank you - considering the conditions I was surprised to be honest
  4. For once I get out at the right time of day .... moment after this the reflections were destroyed by a flotilla of ducks who thought I had come to feed them!
  5. It is strange, considering it only seems to happen now and again
  6. Thanks ..... the first one sort of sums up the night
  7. Nicely composed, I think the people in it was the right decision
  8. Yes I'll have another go now because Ive been logged out since so it may reset? Hasnt happened for ages. After the first time when I try to re post it tells me I'm over the limit, Ive just tried again on another thread and its worked .... I have no idea why, as its absolutely the same procedure
  9. A night out on the Birmingham canal system. Difficult to keep the lens free of water drops, these two taken under cover
  10. Tried again and it just says problem uploading files. It originally showed one of the images at 1.4mb when in fact it is 88kb
  11. Oh dear .... here we go again, two images uploaded and none displaying
  12. Another venture out into Birmingham again. I wish I could say the weather had been better. Most outside shots spoiled by rain specs on the lens despite constant wiping - managed to get these under cover
  13. Actually, the reason I grabbed my camera from the bag was because of those three, moments before the dog had been in the water so I wasnt quick enough. I might try one without them there though just to see
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