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  1. Thanks all, but really credit to the artists whoever they were. theres always new stuff going up there, there used to be a Festival of Colour every year but that stopped, and on those days you could wander the streets and see the artists actually painting
  2. Another visit to the arty area of Digbeth by what is called the Custard Factory Always interesting to go down there, and as the area is due for complete renovation in the coming years with lots of apartments and flats, I hope we dont lose too many of the older streets
  3. The put that font there especially for photographers didnt they 😃 Nice set David
  4. Very nice, I am trying to call in on that area on the way back from Northumberland (if we actually get there and dont get locked down in Birmingham)
  5. You've got sunflowers! I have to go searching for a field of those every year
  6. Nice, brings back a lot of memories for me as it was the first place I went on holiday with work friends. It was also memorable because we were camping on a site at the top of the cliffs and on the first night there were horrendous winds which destroyed our tent and we spent the rest of the night in one of the caravans there thanks to a generous holidaymaker
  7. My favourite is the second one, like the subdued colours
  8. Lovely set, I very much like the first one because of the misty look to it
  9. Ive failed dismally with sky shots, well done
  10. Looks lovely, strangely living in a city I have an area like that just five minutes walk from me 😃
  11. Yes, I understand Personally I always take landscapes in colour, as that's often what I'm trying to capture - Although I don't take them, cityscapes to my mind gel better with mono because of the sharp contrasts that you can capture
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