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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



Don't forget ... you've got about 7 days to post in NOVEMBER'S In Focus Challenge, this month is themed: Abstract. Deadline midnight on SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER for your entries (a maximum of 4) in the latest monthly TIPF IN FOCUS challenge.


Good Luck  everyone ...;)


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  1. It was built in Dunedin in the early 1900's.
  2. I did that myself in 2016 ... I'd taken photos of Birmingham back in the 1970's, so I went back to the same places and took the same shot to show how things had changed
  3. Yes, nicely composed with the view taking you inside (if you see what I mean)
  4. Ive signed up to the Grid Project in Birmingham. From January onwards a whole group of us will be going out into the city (we all have designated grids) to document the city in 2020. This all then gets collated and recorded for the future ..... Ive got some grotty areas
  5. Great sunset , like the composition
  6. Not been well, sorry for not posting This is heading out on Lake Wakatipu from Queensland, New Zealand on HSS Earnshaw Not easy conditions, shooting into direct sun on a rocky boat but for some reason I kind of like it
  7. Like the second one best, well done for getting up early
  8. A couple of random shots taken from the high line, an old railway track that runs at an above street level through west of NY
  9. Number three for me, looks more balanced
  10. I like the effect the mist has on this shot
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