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  1. Stravinsky

    After the Storm -Snaelfellsnes

    Thanks .... yes fuel was planned carefully. I actually didnt actually see a garage when we were on Snaefellnes. The quietest areas were in the north of the island.
  2. Stravinsky

    After the Storm -Snaelfellsnes

    Snaefellsnes is the large western peninsular you see when looking at a map of Iceland. It's quite a large area, and not very populated. When we hired the car we were issued with a telephone, satnav, and an emergency app for notifying the police if we got into difficulties. What you see here is what we sometimes saw for hours on end, hardy seeing another person
  3. Stravinsky

    Back canal Birmingham

    Out of necessity I've been out twice to areas I shouldn't really have been to on my own. Other than that though, we go out in a group. I used to run a FB group when we used to have 15 - 20 people, but these days I organise it with a few friends so at least there is strength in numbers. When you are carrying thousands of pounds worth of equipment around, no where is a safe option on your own
  4. Stravinsky

    After the Storm -Snaelfellsnes

    When you are touring around Iceland it does sometimes feel very lonely
  5. Stravinsky

    Up On The Moors

    Just goes to show
  6. Stravinsky

    Derwent Water - Keswick

    I actually prefer the first ... but thats just me
  7. Stravinsky

    Perfect Autumn Day

    Lovely set
  8. Stravinsky

    Hawthorn and hills...

    Very nice
  9. Stravinsky

    Blackburn Street Art

    Great images ... we have an area in Birmingham called Digbeth where they have a City of Colours thing going on most years where street artists are let loose to do similar stuff.
  10. Stravinsky


    Taken from the library balcony, and you've managed to avoid the destruction that is taking place below Great B&W image that works really well, considering that's actually a scene full of great colour
  11. Stravinsky

    Back canal Birmingham

    As opposed to back street ... these were taken between the Arena and Livery Street on one of the few occasions I've managed to get out and about recently Just putting the finishing touches to a book of images of Birmingham which will hopefully be published and go on Amazon in the next month
  12. Stravinsky

    Up On The Moors

    Love the second one
  13. Family matters keeping me away from the camera a lot, hence not managing to post I'm afraid Took the time to process this shot from a visit to Iceland in the western area known as Snaefellsnes. Had already processed a similar shot some time back, but felt I could try to do a little better
  14. Stravinsky

    The Rotunda Birmingham UK

    Done that, but it isnt as high as the Rotunda. Also done some shots from way up in Alpha Tower .... difficulty there is shooting through dirty glass. We're planning to do a roof shot from Alpha Tower but it takes time to get in with the management company
  15. One of the greatest guitarists I never managed to see. The wife did, I hate her for it