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  1. It was a 24-105 IS L @ 24mm Denis
  2. Nice set, mono suits the weather conditions 😀
  3. Thanks, I'd love to visit anywhere at the moment 😀
  4. Nice one ......... I can feel the cold
  5. Lovely shot, nice warm light
  6. Its a nice time to be out at night when its been raining and you can get those light reflections - Nice set
  7. Nice shots ...... I've been back about 10 years with some edits, on shots Ive never processed before 😁
  8. Nice catch, made by the light
  9. I doubt its a post box, on that first one 😀
  10. In my boredom I'm still finding shots from years back that I haven't processed This from Lake Wanaka on the south island
  11. A reminder of when I was last unleashed on the world Ah well, maybe next summer ............
  12. Nice shots, the first is my favourite
  13. Thanks all I guess that highlights the importance of getting out at the right time of day for the right light
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