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  1. David995031

    Water Colours

    Great colours, especially No. 1 - bit reminiscent of Van Gogh's 'Starry night'
  2. David995031

    Just One Cornetto

    Hermione is my grand-daughter - she gets her skills with an ice cream cone from me!
  3. David995031


    Beautiful piece of art. As with so many of your photographs it is like the opening paragraph of a fascinating story.
  4. OK - here's my effort. My grand daughter's toy T-Rex made me think of Jurassic Park but decided that it would need to be a bit too sophisitcated. In the end I went for the fairly naff genre of 1950s 'B' horror movies.
  5. David995031


    This is a useful tip. I grudge paying, in total £120.00 a year, but I have been a bit reluctant to take a step into the unknown of new software. I may choose to bite the Affinity bullet.
  6. I wasn't sure TBH and it is sometimes harder to make the decision when you have and emotional connection to the subject.
  7. David995031

    After the Storm -Snaelfellsnes

    Wow - that feels lonely.
  8. David995031

    Cartwright Hall, Bradford

    Yes, I can see what you mean. Thanks for the comment.
  9. David995031

    Twilight at the lock

    I like this a lot, perspective, colours and the leading line of the yellow posts on the right hand side. Nicely composed.
  10. Art gallery in a fine building in Lister Park, Bradford.
  11. David995031

    Couldn't make up my mind - comments please

    I really like both but if I had to choose it would be no. 1. Not much in it though.
  12. David995031


    Really striking piece of work.
  13. David995031

    Mean moody mountains ....

    Strong image with a sense of foreboding.