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  1. David995031

    Early start

    No I didn't Chris but at one point I had to struggle to extract my welly from some worryingly deep mud!
  2. David995031

    Early start

    Thanks for your comments. I set my tripod up in the river and waded in in my wellies so I think that makes me more of a scout than a cub, Polly.
  3. David995031

    Early start

    I actually just missed the actual sunrise (well it is crazy early this time of year) but the light was still pretty good.
  4. A visit to the playground with a two year old bundle of energy
  5. David995031

    Black 5 45212 at Townsend Fold

    Lovely reminder of the days when trains had some character.
  6. David995031

    Bradgate Park

    Hello Polly, thank you for your comments. Yes, took me a while to train those gulls to sit still for 8 seconds but it was worth it. Hadn't thought of the Wuthering Heights similarity but I see what you mean.
  7. Long defunct petrol station in Bodie, a ghost town in a remote corner of California.
  8. David995031

    Down in the Dark Metro

    There are so many obviously spectacular photo opportunities in Barcelona but your have created something spectacular from something fairly mundane - love it!
  9. David995031

    Bradgate Park

    Thanks Kev. I liked No 1 too but the one I was most pleased with was no 2 because it was the first time I had a decent result from a long exposure.
  10. David995031

    Bradgate Park

    Took a stroll around Bradgate Park, Leicester on Wednesday. It was formerly the estate of the Grey family and the home of the tragic Lady Jane Grey. The ruins of the house seem to be an appropriate memorial to the nine days queen.
  11. David995031

    A Winter Morning.

    Yes I am aware of that but I am still tempted to apply my finer brush strokes with a sledge hammer. Yes, I only shoot in RAW.
  12. David995031

    A Winter Morning.

    Thanks for these comments, Kev. TBH I don't actually understand chromatic aberration (I will google it in a minute) but I clicked the tick box in Lightroom and it didn't seem to do anything. I clicked 'Enable Profile Corrections' (which I also don't understand) and it did make adjustments. also eased of on some of the colour and I admit I am happier with the result. Here it is.
  13. David995031


    Terrific, Fuji - looks like an album cover!
  14. David995031

    A Winter Morning.

    Well we're just making friends at the moment but if it has the BP seal of approval, that's good enough for me!