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  1. David995031

    Loco 76084 (2)

    To be honest, I probably wouldn't have thought about the mono if I hadn't seen some of your work with railway engines!
  2. David995031

    Loco 76084

    Lovely work. Crisp and clean.
  3. David995031

    Loco 76084 (2)

    I hadn't planned to post this but having seen Ryewolf's shot of the same engine I thought I would show my perspective. I took it last Friday at Sheringham in Norfolk. It is impossible to see these magnificent machines without pointing your camera at them.
  4. David995031

    Snowdonia National Park....

    Glorious part of the world, beautifully captured. You seem to have got the most out of what may have been a somewhat uninspiring sky too.
  5. David995031

    Storm Riders

    Ha ha - could be a poster for a 1950s Hammer horror film. Great work.
  6. David995031


    Really striking images. Can't pick the best - love 'em both.
  7. David995031

    Doing What Hoverflies Do Best

    Love the wings - great shot.
  8. David995031

    Around Cromer Pier

    Yes Kate, took me ages to get those birds to line up neatly!
  9. David995031

    Around Cromer Pier

    Just had another go, whacking the 'dehaze' slider up high - this is the result, bit better I think, thanks - also leveled up the horizon.
  10. David995031

    Around Cromer Pier

    Thanks Korky - be nice to blame Lightroom but it is probably my own sloppy editing! Thanks John. I wrestled with the sky for a while. There was a few patches of blue but the 15 sec exposure gave the clouds too much time to cover it up. Short of importing a bit of sky from another photo I'm not sure what else I could do.
  11. David995031

    Around Cromer Pier

    A few long exposure efforts.
  12. David995031

    Cromer Beach

    Just checked it in Lightroom and you are correct, there is a slight dip to the left - well spotted!
  13. David995031

    Juvenile Gull in flight

    Lovely work, Dennis.
  14. David995031

    Cromer Beach

    Revisiting North Norfolk, second year running.
  15. David995031

    A Murmuration of Starlings

    Really striking composition. The lone figure sets it off beautifully.