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  1. Yes, it's great for little kids as well as adults.
  2. Great views Think I prefer No2 with the foreground interest, particularly the sunlight catching the backs of the sheep.
  3. Really like this. It is easy to imagine a troop (?) of medieval monks chanting their way through the columns. You did so well to get it to yourself.
  4. Yes, been there all week. Bit better today though (so far)
  5. Our family holiday in Norfolk hasn't been enhanced by the weather but here's a shot of my granddaughter, Hermione, making friends with some of the residents at Hunstanton Sea Life Centre.
  6. Superb shot and excellent processing.
  7. Fine landscapes. No2 with the chapel grabs me.
  8. I don't mind if Denis doesn't!
  9. Thanks Fuji, I am very happy to have stirred your memories. I don't mean to be picky but I'm not Denis but who cares!
  10. Excellent shots. I like to see a load of rogue poppies that have seeded themselves in a rape field. The contrast between the startling red and dazzling yellow makes for a great photo.
  11. All great shots, esp. No 6.
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