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  1. Thanks, everyone - he visited a couple of days ago but disappeared before I could get hold of my camera. Now he's made a second appearance I am hoping he may have adopted us!
  2. Not much to get my camera out for these days but it is always at the ready for any unexpected visitors that seem to have scant respect for the lockdown.
  3. It has two settings, one at 7 ps which is where I normally leave it but this sequence was at 10 ps - must remember to turn it back to seven! These were at 1/1000 of a sec.
  4. As my daughter is in a key occupation (midwife) we get to look after our grand-daughter which helps keeps us sane. Here we are messing about with a ballon full of water and a pin on the end of a stick.
  5. Glorious shot. Love the miniscule figures on the beach.
  6. Lovely contrast between the blackbird and the vivid spring sky.
  7. Thanks John The birdfeeders are on a thornily vicious pyracantha bush so there is a degree of protection. Not much of a deterrent to a hungry hawk though!
  8. Yes Polly, it is indeed a privilege. It was my standard go to lens - Canon 18 - 155.
  9. Thanks Rye. TBH, in 30 years it is our first visit.
  10. When you can't get out into the world it is quite a treat when a bit of the world comes to you. This marauding hooligan has been terrorising my bird feeders. He is quite magnificent so, while part of me wants to protect the finches, tits etc that have become an almost permanent feature of my garden, the other part feels quite priviliged at I should have such a spectacular visitor. I am hoping for the opportunity to catch him in flight. BTW the shot is through (slightly grubby) glass so the clarity may not be 100%.
  11. Very interesting - has a surreal feel about it.
  12. Terrific portraits of some very handsome animals.
  13. Yes, good set with real drama in the skies. No 3 for me.
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