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  1. David995031

    Red Kite

    Stonking good image.
  2. David995031

    Old friends catching up ...

    I am not sure what the qualifying age for old croniehood is but I reckon i am there too.
  3. David995031

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    Black Country Museum. Well I have rooted about in the archives and twiddled this one to within an inch of its life.
  4. David995031

    Kelso Abbey

    Nice studies of a fascinating old ruin. Number one does it for me.
  5. David995031

    Dresses for Dummies....

    Beautifully composed shot.
  6. David995031

    Old friends catching up ...

    Agree with Fuji, you have captured a strong feeling of warmth between these two old cronies. Very pleasing.
  7. David995031

    blackthorn tree

    Two fine compositions and a totally justified reward for your efforts.
  8. David995031


    A fan- air vent?
  9. David995031

    Fossdyke Navigation

    A canal that flows into the centre of Lincoln
  10. David995031

    Talk to the hand

    Comical little capture - very good!
  11. David995031

    Sulfur Crested Cockatoos

    Nice shots - they always seem to have such cheerful expressions.
  12. David995031

    Open Walls

    I love these - I would have them on my wall!
  13. David995031


    Superb capture.
  14. David995031

    Downtown Lincoln

    Thanks for your comments. Lincoln is a small city with the magnificent cathedral on top of the hill. As a consequence it dominates the skyline and seems to find its way into every photograph. I will post a few more later.
  15. David995031

    Lincoln Locals

    I missed that, Polly but see what you mean. As you can see here is nothing on the original so it must have happened during processing. No idea what happened there.