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  1. Lovely composition. You also make Chesil look a lot more appealing than it actually is when you stand on it.
  2. Lovely work, Dee. I agree, number one is a belter!
  3. What an unusual subject. Love the blast of colour, a real assault on the eyeballs.😁
  4. Monochrome was a good choice - it really captures the period feel of the house, like an old fashioned postcard.
  5. Thanks Polly, glad you liked them. When we first moved here in 1990 this gorgeous area was an opencast coalmine which could not support as much as a blade of grass. In 1998 it became a country park and it has been so rewarding to watch it evolve. I am very fortunate in that it is only a few minutes walk from where I live so I walk there most days. I will share the view over the lakes as the seasons change.
  6. Yes, I know, hardly startlingly original. But wherever you point your camera, at this time of year, you seem to get a spectacular blaze of colour that just cries out to be photographed. Warning: These are probably not so very different to whatever I may have posted this time last year!
  7. American scenery is truly amazing. It is all too easy to react negatively to mentions of the US but it has so much going for it. Did a road trip in this part of the world (although did not visit these particular NPs). Did get to Yosemite though....it is all jaw droppingly beautiful and your shots truly catch the magic of a very special place.
  8. No, sanity will return and you can count me in for a York Phototrip.
  9. Yes, we had a bit of time to kill before our riverboat trip and we spent the time in the abbey/gardens area. Glorious.
  10. I will be in the queue with you when that happens again, Denis.
  11. I still have a load of shots from my couple of days in fabulous York. Here's a few more.
  12. Once I had started, Denis, I was surprised how easy it was. This was just three shots but I am now tempted to try with a lot more - just have to think of a suitable subject.
  13. When it does nothing but rain, what else can you photograph but rain? Couple of shots of the garden being battered by the weather, using stacking to maximise focus. Never attempted this before so CC very welcome.
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