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  1. Oh yes, same here. Stuck to the roads for my walk this morning which would never be my normal choice.
  2. In the hope that you haven't had a bellyfull of ice and snow, this one is from 2014.
  3. David995031

    Garden Sky

    Wow - it's really rather hypnotic.
  4. That's fine old structure - well captured. I must make a point of looking out for shots with stacking potential.
  5. That's one fine shot Karl - great work.
  6. Nice one. Had a similar visitor the other day but he didn't hang around long enough for me to grab my camera.
  7. In the current gloomy weather I have browsing through some old stuff. In 2016 we did a 3000 mile road trip around some of the iconic national parks in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. Lots of great landscape opportunities but an abiding memory are these. At its worst we were driving slower than normal walking speed. Not what you might call spectacular but someone might find them interesting.
  8. It is Dee. I am fortunate in that it is only a five minute walk away from my home. When we first moved here it was an open cast coal mine where barely a blade of grass could grow. These days we walk there every day.
  9. Could almost be Siberia! (Not that I have ever been to Siberia). You have captured the landscape's beauty and hostility in one shot. Great work.
  10. Yes, I have frequently driven that road. Love the contrast between the urban and the remote rural hillsides. You had a stroke of luck with the low lying mist, makes it all look quite mysterious.
  11. Just when you think all the best stuff is in your past, your grandchildren come along and prove your wrong. This picture has captured an engaging warmth that makes the image a delight.
  12. Amazing clarity, particularly the first two.
  13. Thanks Denis. Yes getting foggier here to - I think I grabbed the best of the day this morning.
  14. Following day after day of nondescript greyness I was treated to a but of brightness on this morning's walk.
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