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Working on diffusion still...

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Ladybirds are THE biggest challenge for me with flash. Today's attempt sees my diffusion covers with an additional sheet of Vellum paper between the lens and flash heads... Had the YN24EX in ETTL +2/3EV, camera 1/200sec, f/11, ISO 160, Venus 2:1 macro lens on the Canon EOS 70D.






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2 hours ago, Ryewolf said:

Yes, I have a similar problem with Ladybirds.

Not many solutions Geoff - anything with an elytra is going to cause that effect...


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45 minutes ago, JamesT said:

I'd never realised how much structure there is in the elytra surfaces before.

Vital to their survival of course.

Looking at a LB they do appear smooth but when you see more it quickly becomes apparent they are not. On LB's they are actually a hardened wing (didn't know until I researched it)...


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