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  1. When I saw the potential scene I had to wait until the stag was positioned in the right place. I had the idea of using the stag as a lead-in line to bring the viewer's eye to the distant woodland.
  2. I love this sort of scene. Now is the time to visit Tintern Abbey methinks - if memory serves me correct there are a plethora of bluebells on show. Nicely spotted and taken Gareth.
  3. Puts me in mind of The Hobbit, when they left the Shires. Great shot and well spotted.
  4. Doesn't it make you want to spit?? A cracking image Paul. Well done, Sir. I am in awe of you.
  5. Now that is very nice.
  6. You've missed out the blurred bits, Clicker. All I had with me was my 150-600mm lens, so to get the entire tree in the frame I had to take a series of images at 150 mm, some 24, and stitch as a panorama. There was nothing cloned out bottom left of frame, that was the program trying to infill the empty part of the frame, as it did elsewhere. The tree was so complex there were branches everywhere, which turned out as a very weird tree. It does, however, give a flavour of what the tree was like.
  7. I went for a mooch round Attingham Park today. Some deer shots, some panoramas and a very weird tree.
  8. Moody, dramatic, good composition with strong lead-in lines, cracking depth of field with a sky to die for .......and then there are those sun rays .........What's not to like? This should be hanging on your wall, Cheryl.
  9. Well done, Polly. It had POTW all over it.
  10. I aimed for an early start, but pill taking, Zimmer frame location, getting lost in the satnav all took their toll and It was about 10am when I left. Different views of the river Severn. Shooting directly into the sun and playing with silhouettes
  11. Wow!! I just love it. Well worth the effort of getting out of a warm pit first thing in the morning.
  12. Now this I like. It's surprising what can be achieved when you think outside the box. A lovely composition and mono conversion.
  13. Thank you Clicker. I know the feeling about missing different photographs, I do it all the time.
  14. I haven't seen these before either Clicker, although the RSPB list the bird as common and on the green list. Cracking shots to boot.
  15. Thank you both, but this bird was moving so fast it really was a case of focusing and a high speed burst. I'm not one to turn my nose up at it, but luck really played a part.
  16. A nice subject for monochrome, Gareth.
  17. I spotted some movement in the budding climbing hydrangea, but was damned if I could make anything out with the naked eye. Then, looking through the 600mm lens, what I thought was a leaf turned out to be a Greenfinch. I managed two grab shots, one about to flit and the other half way through a flit. Believe me, more luck than judgement
  18. Some adjustments from clicker.
  19. As a bird photographer, I have to say this set is exceptional. The detail is stunning.
  20. ............Sort of. This lockdown is providing a lot of ideas for idle hands. A means of advertising the site while we are out and about....................a sort of business card, provided as a PDF that can be downloaded, with a page that has multiple business cards, based on the image below, that can be printed out at each members leisure and handed out to those that show an interest. Thoughts?
  21. That photo had to be taken either early morning or late evening, because the sand would be too hot to sit on during the day.
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