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  1. Has that had your flower treatment Polly, or is that natural aperture blurring.
  2. Are they sat there because it's raining, Cheryl?
  3. That video quite put me off my breakfast. Cracking photography, though.
  4. Some more from Wells, Somerset. Bishop's Castle entrance. Castle Moat Rear of castle Castle Lawn Feeding the pigeons
  5. Yes Paul it was me. The original post worked fine, in that I was able to post 4 images in one post. However, subsequent posts made immediately after the OP in the same thread, while they would upload, the software wouldn't allow the second post to submit. Yet a day later I was able to post a further 4 images. It would appear there is a time restraint that has to be satisfied before the Original Poster can post again in that thread.
  6. Taken with my Praktica film camera, back in the day.
  7. I did try to post some more images immediately after the four you saw and no, they weren't too big. It seems to me that there is a time limit that has to be satisfied before the original poster can add images to the thread that has been created.
  8. Some shots from the grounds. Again, the photos were loaded but didn't post.
  9. Another attempt at uploading some photographs. Some of the myriad of sub-tropical flowers within the jungle scenes we encountered.
  10. Had a message saying I had exceeded my allocated number of uploads for the post.
  11. With a myriad of flowers to follow that I am not allowed to upload, apparently.
  12. I went to Wisley Gardens with my sister last Wednesday. A few shots of the day. The entrance to the glasshouse. To be met with Jungle one scene. Followed by Jungle 2 scene. and then a desert scene.
  13. A cracking photograph. I seem to remember reading these raptors do very well predating on Swifts and Swallows.
  14. A lovely capture, Cheryl. So, so sharp.
  15. I have been visiting friends and relations over the last week. Some shots of the visit. Backlit horse. Wells cathedral Shooting into the sun. Croquet
  16. Close up. This bird was sat on the cliff at Bempton Cliffs and let us toggers get within a few feet of her.
  17. Believe me it is nice to get out. After 18 months of restrictions, I'm beginning to get a wanderlust.
  18. What on Earth is it doing here so far from Japan?
  19. Yes they are cute, Clicker......... even more so when you see them scampering up and down these tall pines in a spiral. They are so fast. The problem is, where there are squirrels, red or grey, there are Pine Martens..... The smaller, lighter red squirrel can get out to the very tips of the branches where the grey squirrels can't reach and hence the grey squirrels get caught first by the Pine Martens. Research has also shown that the scent of a Pine Marten is built into the red squirrel's DNA, and once smelled, the red squirrels beat a hasty retreat. The grey squirrels don't have this advantage and fall more readily to the Pine Marten - so hopefully the trend will start to reverse. Regarding the green wire - it was probably attached to a feeder, there were a lot of them about. I was in Scotland for three weeks, and while I kept roughly to my itinerary, I frequently got lost. There was an occasion when a closed road caused me to take a 150 mile detour round a couple of large lochs and even longer glens. I didn't have a clue where I was. What really tickled me was the road classifications. This is the A838, a single track road with passing places.
  20. Red Squirrel taken at Aberfoyle, Scotland
  21. An excellent shot and well deserved winner.
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