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    Amazing. What are 11pm critters?
  2. I enjoyed learning about these spiders from your dialogue, thanks. And great photos, Paul. When I grow up I’m getting into macro…..
  3. Glad you persisted. I agree with preferring #2.
  4. Oh wow. It’s all happening in your part of the country. This photo tells a story. Love the colours too.
  5. How lovely. That golden light really enhances that scene, Denis. Is the haze smoke or dust or fog?
  6. Beautiful! I get you were happy to rediscover them if this one is typical.
  7. Thanks. You did a great job creating the look of rain on the window.
  8. A couple of standout images for me this week: Ryewolf’s black and white dramatic photos of steam trains in the Steam Gathering set especially #2; and Clicker’s evocative Spotlight on Lily. It’s always difficult to chose a winner but I have chosen Fogey’s Red Deer (especially #3). It is well composed with gorgeous autumnal colours and well handled back lighting showing off this beautiful animal. Here is a link to the original posting ... https://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/53607-red-deer/
  9. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing your close ups: one of my favourite genres.
  10. A brief moment when the light is just right. Lovely.
  11. A lovely set, Dennis. Makes me wish I was there walking with a camera.
  12. Great set. The third is my favourite.
  13. Interesting photo. I’ve never seen a close up of nettle before. I appreciate the info you provided as well, Les. I’ve cooked nettles a couple of times - like spinach.
  14. The golden light behind is lovely. Great photo.
  15. Beautiful animal looking good with the grass on its antlers- never seen that before. Great colour too.
  16. Great composition, Gareth. Looks pretty sharp from the foreground to the buildings in background.
  17. Love the dramatic black and white which shows off the trains and the steam. The converging lines work well too.
  18. I thought it was one of Clickers as it has that look about it. Lovely colours and nicely softened by the rain drops. Did you take the photo through the window or add a rain drop layer in the processing?
  19. I like what you’ve done there, Fogey. Could be a greeting card.
  20. What are they planting, Dennis?
  21. I love the layers of colours,Dennis, as the landscape goes back into the distance.
  22. Sounds good to me, Les, and congratulations from me, Cheryl
  23. Thank you Denis. I bought it at the florist and am pretty sure it was commercially grown. There is alot of cotton grown in Australia. I guess there are other ways to achieve a high key effect but what I do is position the subject against a light background and use spot or centre weighted metering on the subject which over exposes the background.
  24. I took this one for the camera club's High Key theme.
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