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Heron and Crow

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Spot on  focus  on that heron's eye Rye ... and some nice  detail caught with the light  on the black crow ...

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Thanks Clicker, the Heron was about 400ft away, so a biggish crop and a Black-headed Gull chased of the Crow.....

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Interesting to see your heron and crow. Is the crow a raven? Here we have three species of Ravens all of which are commonly called crows. 

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Thanks Cheryl.

6 hours ago, CMunzel said:

Is the crow a raven?

We have 3 Corvids that look similar, a Crow, Rook and Raven, the bird in the image is a Crow, Ravens are much larger and have a thicker beak, Rooks have a distinctive bare white/greyish skin at the base of the bill.

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