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    Trying to work towards an ARPS distinction but wondering if LRPS is my proper level. I now think it is. Now abandoned thoughts of ARPS and resigned from RPS. Now have got Oly EM10 mk 1 and EM5 mk 1 with Oly 12-40 and Pana 35-100 f2.8 - all secondhand except EM10. Currently fighting GAS for secondhand telephoto zoom. Print my own efforts on Canon 9000 A3+. General outdoor photography. Member of Blackburn C C rather than my current home town of Chorley - they are too good for me to do anything but watch from the sidelines. Long since retired from work.
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  1. Thanks for info. But £8 pm - I'll pass on that.
  2. Anyway of seeing the programme given I do not have Sky ?
  3. Thanks very much for useful info. Jeff
  4. I'll resurrect this thread rather than start another. Are you saying that I would not be able to access my LR 6 catalogue which is kept on an external hard drive ( as are. Backups) and I would have to use cloud storage ? That would very inconvenient for me given that my photo PC has limited internet access and it isusually not connected to internet by choice. Also what benefits for landscape photos does the latest LR have compared to LR6 ? I have got Affinity but find it difficult to learn although the HDR and focus merge are easy enough and LR6 does not have focus merge. And yes I know I could use layers in Elements 11 but find even them difficult although the theory is not difficult. Jeff
  5. I am much more interested in colour printing than b&w. Possibly still a reaction to all those hours spent darkroom printing on Ilford MG. I very much enjoy printing my own pictures even though it is expensive but when my Canon 9000 dies I may well have to accept that commercial printing is the way forward. I have made photo books using Blurb and been pleased with them. Anyhow let's all enjoy the ability to choose at will how we present our work Jeff
  6. Thanks for comment. Struggle to find ok compositions in this moorland even though I live nearby.
  7. Thanks for kind comments. unfortunately my printer is a Canon dye ink model which is good for colour not very good for black and white. Jeff
  8. To have a view of Ingleborough I think.
  9. chorleyjeff

    Loco 80097

    Indeed yes. I suspect few people know how dirty the steam railway was and do not realise how many hours of elbow greasing was needed to bull up a working steam loco.
  10. By way of a change converted an image to mono on my IPad. Clouds seem to come out well ! Editing on IPad is very unlike using LR on a PC.
  11. chorleyjeff

    Loco 80097

    Much prefer the very pleasing mono. The ballast is nicely toned down and I like the solid dark greys and blacks. Only one gripe and that is not the photo. My memories of tank engines is that they were always work stained with only token attempts to clean them whereas this one is ex works pristine ! However I suppose it is understandable that owners pamper them.
  12. Remote high moorland with some rock outcrops. Wards Stone, with easier access , along the same ridge is more photogenic with more large rocks and views over Morecambe Bay on the way up and Ingleborough to the East. If you want some time away from people that is the place except when shooters are doing their thing.
  13. And another Loaded one image OK but when I tried another got the message about 4MB limit. In the future I'll use the one shot workaround. Thanks for advice. Jeff
  14. I tried to upload 3 photos which I thought I had reduced in size to be within limits but I failed. I'll try again using Dropbox. Maybe need to post them separately. Anyhow probably not today because I'm off to the dark side ( Hebden Bridge and Kirkburton ) on family duty in an hour or so. Jeff PS yes there was lots of recession. Need to go back on a cold clear day with snow on Ingleborough.
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