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    Trying to work towards an ARPS distinction but wondering if LRPS is my proper level. I now think it is. Now abandoned thoughts of ARPS and resigned from RPS. Now have got Oly EM10 mk 1 and EM5 mk 1 with Oly 12-40 and Pana 35-100 f2.8 - all secondhand except EM10. Currently fighting GAS for secondhand telephoto zoom. Print my own efforts on Canon 9000 A3+. General outdoor photography. Member of Blackburn C C rather than my current home town of Chorley - they are too good for me to do anything but watch from the sidelines. Long since retired from work.
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  1. We have a week each year in one of the Mulgrave Estate cottages near the beck around the headland. Wrap up well and the cliffs and beaches are fantastic for me. I see your point of your crop with the dog looking at he two posts. Pity there were not three. This and other comments remind me to look more carefully before posting. Jeff
  2. Thanks for comment. I see your point. I wondered whether to crop the right side including those three stumps but kept them in for no good reason. I agree with comments elsewhere about the need to keep the row of stumps the foreground. Maybe get rid of the right hand side and row at the bottom to make a more simple composition that would match the title better. Jeff
  3. Thanks for trying. The beach extends North from Whitby for two or three miles to the village of Sandsend. There are lots and lots of pictures of the groynes at Sandsend often with Whitby in the background. I have quite a few ! Jeff
  4. November beach scene. Tried to get the feeling of wide open beach with dog walkers braving the elements. Jeff
  5. Just luck. No research. One of the very few occasions a snapshot worked - with a lot of help from lightroom.
  6. Thanks. I find it is hard work and difficult to do original pictures of well known places.
  7. Hmmm. It was freezing cold and windy !
  8. A cliche but nevertheless I like it.
  9. All so so good. Third is outstanding for me. Fantastic technique and vision.
  10. To me a strong message about day to day litter pollution that degrades our daily life. Reminds me of when our next door neighbour looked after our garden while we were away for two weeks - flower pots with fag ends in them. Horrible.
  11. Again mono pictures I like very much. You somehow manage to get rich darks without blocking up to leave no detail. prefer the low level shot of the tank engine. The other engine looks a bit like a scaled down coffee pot 0-8-0. Jeff
  12. I must be missing something. My IPad imports Olympus raw files from my SD card to display then process if necessary to be saved as jpeg or other format. I use PS Express to process the files. I don't know whether the files are processed in raw but I suspect not. What am I missing ?
  13. chorleyjeff

    Saintly Lady

    Spoken like a true GW man !
  14. Thanks. A cold windy day with frequent hail and rain showers. And wet feet from getting too close to the Bronte Falls. But a good day nevertheless.
  15. Not sure about mono. I never seem to get mono conversion right. Agree about the crop. With screen images I usually stick with 4/3 as being native to my camera and the size for screen comps - although I crop more for prints. On reflection I think the area below the wall end should be cropped. Thanks for input.
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