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  1. Lovely, you can see he is smiling
  2. Is that another way of saying she f*rts
  3. Thanks, yes i guess happier but not right yet too many misses, i never actually take into consideration hit rate as a percentage but sort of have an idea what ime after. The focus settings combination for this camera are many and they are what i am struggling with, i do sometimes have problems with whites but not often as i use spot metering and am happy with the dark backgrounds
  4. Well caught, i got one in flight a few years ago but only found out what it was last year, not seen one since.
  5. Lovely catch, yet to see any this year.
  6. Thanks guys, the Mallard was 1/4000th
  7. Got a G9 but after a couple of weeks one of the cards would not stay in so it went back for a replacement, struggling with the focus locking on BIF and having to use stupid high shutter speeds.
  8. Nikonmike


    But someone loves him
  9. That's good as I would be keeping my V2
  10. Impressive, not seen any yet.
  11. Thanks, i did consider that but my reasoning was its a smoking based capture and he is peeping in the image having a smoke.
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