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  1. Nikonmike

    Sod you then

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other, Herons are quite partial water bird chicks if they can get them but yes i would rather see reds than greys
  2. Nikonmike

    Sod you then

    There i was having a chat with my mate Squirrel Don't think it was anything i said
  3. Nikonmike

    Dewy succulent

    Lovely image, the presentation just suits it.
  4. Nikonmike

    Arrivals and Departures

    Very impressive as Gareth said.
  5. Nikonmike

    ad infinitum

    Like it, makes me think of last of the summer wine,compo explaining infinity in the fish shop.
  6. Nikonmike

    Glass and light ...

    Like it, perhaps no need to tell us what it was so our brains had to click in.
  7. Nikonmike

    Spring trying to break through

    Thanks, like so many shots now it's at 400mm while sitting on my scooter
  8. Nikonmike

    Downtown Lincoln

    Lovely views, i cant manage the hill any more
  9. Nikonmike

    Siskin and Kingfisher

    Lovely captures, the first one takes it for me.
  10. Nikonmike

    Another GIF (gull in flight)

    Thanks, I think it is, never 100% sure with immature gulls
  11. Nikonmike

    Nasty weevil

    Beautiful images
  12. Nikonmike

    Hi there

    Welcome Kerry, you have some lovely images on your Flickr page.
  13. Nikonmike

    Another GIF (gull in flight)

    Thanks, it is practice thats needed, now i don't do as much my failure rate is much higher
  14. Nikonmike

    One from a while ago

    About three years i think, Nikon V2 and only used the pop-up flash with some A4 white paper for reflectors
  15. Nikonmike


    You are having a great start
  16. Nikonmike

    1st spider of the year

    Very nice, not seen any yet.
  17. Nikonmike


    Very nice but number 2 stands out for me
  18. Nikonmike

    Orb Spider...

    Lovely images, i do like doing Spiders.