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I'm looking for Cats, Capybara, Canals... What will you find?

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  1. Nice image..... am wondering if you and Rye are in cahoots lol
  2. Growing up we had a Cat that loved Marmite on Toast... Well not so much the toast but would grab your hand with his paw and lick the Marmite off the toast.... He had a brown stain on his white chin for years lol..... (nice photo btw)
  3. Yeah not sure I would be able to look over the edge without making myself ill lol.
  4. Beautiful image, would look nice on the wall.
  5. LOL glad builders have improved since those days.
  6. Cracking set of images.
  7. It isn't much of a statement for a building you would expect to be magnificent, it is almost like they ran out of ideas and just slapped it together.... Cracking photos though.
  8. Awwww Thanks Clicker... The breeder that has me over to photograph these lil balls of fluff has the most amazing kitchen... all the surfaces are black marble, the kitchen has an island worktop that we use, gives me plenty of room for two speedlites and softboxes and a popup backdrop... At the time of this shot, she only had the 4 kittens, (the end 2 are dupes) and really wanted a shot of them all in a line, before I could say I will do it in PS she had scooped them up and plonked them down in front of me, and we very nearly got it in one shot lol..... At the minute it wont let me add the original shot.... but now it has lol.
  9. Thanks Rye.... how about 6 kittens?
  10. Thank you Stella.... still think I have a way to go before I match your standard.
  11. Only from a distance, it is one of those places that I want to photograph one day, but because it is just down the road there has been no real rush lol
  12. I have always wanted to live on a boat.... one of those would be great, no fear of sinking in a field lol.... cracking images
  13. Cracking set of images... and I would have to say number 2 is more pleasing to the eye.
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