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Komodo Dragon

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13 minutes ago, vanguard said:

Is it in captivity in the uk ?

Thanks Vanguard, yes at Chester Zoo, it's one of a few UK Zoos that actually have them.

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They have a really venomous bite don't they  that apparently lowers the prey's blood pressure sending it into shock and unable to fight back. Known as Monitor Lizards also  it used to be thought until recently that  their bite produced a toxic bacteria  rather than venom  that killed their prey .. Interesting pics from your Zoo visit Rye .... . 

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Thanks Clicker.

57 minutes ago, Clicker said:

They have a really venomous bite don't they

Yes apparently so, they are also parthenogenesis in that the female can produce eggs without the need for a male, and the hatched lizards are always males.... This one was about 7ft long, apparently they can eat up to 75% of their body weight in one go....

It was an interesting visit, I wouldn't mind going again soon as there was a lot I didn't see.

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Lovely Rye, especially the first one -  as you know we get similar, although not Komodo's, but I haven't seen one for months.

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