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Vintage Cars - My Aunties Views

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My Auntie (who is 80) came along for the drive to Hebden Bridge, to watch the vintage cars. She literally had a 2 minute crash course in using a modern camera, which basically consisted of: this is how you hold it, that's the button to take the picture, the beep means it's in focus, whatever you see through the viewfinder is the picture you'll get and the red dot in the centre of the viewfinder is the focus point, before letting her loose with it.

The Camera was my Canon 100D + Sigma 30mm f1.4, which I'd preset at Aperture Priority, f9, iso200, centre spot focus, -0.3ev as the light was pretty variable at the time.. She did ask if she needed to wind on the film,..

Just a few of the images I've processed (and the processing was minimal, just a tad increase on blacks, midtones and whites, and a little bit of sharpening just to compensate for resizing down from 5184 to 1400 pixels wide), out of the 5 I've posted. only the 3rd image is a slight crop.... and these were all of moving vehicles...






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Good on 'er! :1310_thumbsup_tone1:

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C'mon Rye.......you watched an old fogey of almost the same age do all of that in Stratford ?

Only Joking!

Your Auntie has a natural godd eye, plus learning or chancing upon the gentle....shutter-button -touch.....the secret to most good pics......give my missus, and many other folk a touch screen, or a shutter button, and you can almost feel the solid finger-jabs.

Well done her.......offer her a membership of TIPF ..... then get thee to the nearest CEX store to get her a decent used camera.

Well done Auntie!  And to you Geoff for your patience and willingness to process the pics for her.


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You/she didn't manage to get a shot of a very nice red and white Nash Metropolitan did you? My sister and bro' in law usually do this run. 

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I hope she gets a camera , like Fooj says and continues with this .. Brilliant story !

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18 hours ago, colinb said:

red and white Nash Metropolitan did you

Can't say as I did Colin, they did give out a printed list of all the cars that would be there for both days, but didn't see one listed.

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Well done to your Auntie Rye - this is another great set!

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