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28th March 2017

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Mine literally was a last 30 minute run around the house photographing anything that cauught my eye... Didn't finish working untill 10pm, had something to eat and then remembered - no PICTURE... and I've still got a few more hours that I need to do for a website...

Glass Close Up


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I know that feeling Rye ...some days I think I'm sure I took a picture today only to realise about 10 pm that it was the day before !! It is so relentless ...innit ?

 My magnificent magnolia ... given  a treatment with some brushes  ,,,

Arghhhh  time for the next one already !


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16 hours ago, Black Pearl said:

New toy...

New Toy.jpg

Ooh that  looks an interesting bit of kit Beepy ... was that a result of your visit to the NEC ?

What are you hoping to use that   for  specifically ... I  suspect  you have some creative urges  to satisfy with that !

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Yep - macro mostly but it will also be fun for head shots where you get a nice (?) ring in the subjects eyes. 

It isn't from the NEC, I have a drawer full of old nasty lenses so bunged a couple on eBay and used the 'free' PayPal money to purchase this. I've wanted a one for ages and just never got round to buying one. Now that continuous LED lighting is affordable is fun to experiment. 


This is the front on another lens lit by the ring light...
Contax Rings.jpg

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8 hours ago, Ryewolf said:

I have a ring flash that I use for macro photography, pretty sure Paul has one too

I had realised you and Paul used a ring flash ...and a couple of other members and hadn't imagined  Beepy was in  to Macro for some reason ... I ve never been 100 % sure about the catch lights when used in portraiture but I imagine it will be great to experiment with ... Looking forward to seeing the results Beepy .   

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