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Nice. That's a rather flattering bust of him.

As a fan of The Man can you tell me if something I came across the other day is correct - he stood with his right arm stuffed into his waistcoat to make sure his colostomy bag was in place.


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Lol.  First time I have heard that one.  

I have never thought of myself as a fan. :)  My interest in Bonaparte, the coalition wars, the politics of the time, the characters that played a part are all quite compelling from a point of learning.  All fascinating stuff.  

But there were much simpler reasons for the stereotype posture of Bonaparte.   :) 

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Your avatar gives a false impression then.:2_grimacing:

I was quite surprised when I came across the reference, and it wasn't in Wikipedia either, it was on a list of famous sufferers. Having read plenty about him in my time it was news to me. i can't remember now why I was looking at the list, but I know I am going to have to run it to ground.

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My avatar is merely a picture by revolutionary artist Jacque Louis David which I find really interesting for a host of reasons. I like the painting and hence it's use.   But within the painting are numerous things of interest, including the arm in the waistcoat. David looked to tell a story with these points of interest.    There is a hint for you. As for the period and Bonaparte, both are fascinating. But so are the Marhals of the Empire, Davout, Murat, Ney, McDonald, Lannes and so on. The politicians hold interest too, Cambaceres, Talleyrand, Fouche to name but a few.  These people interacted in a way that was so full of interest that I find it hard not to stop learning about what they achieved, what they got wrong and so on.   I have been learning about this stuff for years and will continue to do so.   :) 

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They've chopped down the two mature Horse Chestnut Trees that used to be outside the market hall since I last went into town a few days ago. They've been there for as long as I can remember (after a quick Google - they were planted in 1962 - same year I was born). I don't think I've got any images of them - well you don't expect trees that have been the 55 years to disappear in two days.

In case you're wondering why it's so quite, on Wednesdays neither the indoor or outdorr markets open - a throw back to the days of half day closing...


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2 hours ago, sr1867 said:

And for them that care we are about an eighth of the way through our intrepid journey.

Or Day 412 for those of us mad or daft enough to have finished the One A Day Challenge from last year and started all over again this year.

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8 hours ago, Ryewolf said:

Or Day 412 for those of us mad or daft enough to have finished the One A Day Challenge from last year and started all over again this year.

I should have added (this year) It was more an observation on the speed the year is going at. Again.

All of you that have been at this for that long have my total respect. It's a tough asks to find a shot and the time every day. plus with the quality levels too.

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On 15/02/2017 at 18:06, kcbrecks said:

I came across the other day is correct - he stood with his right arm stuffed into his waistcoat to make sure his colostomy bag was in place.

The reality is, Bonaparte did not stand with his hand in the waistcoat.   :)  Painters like Jacque Louis David adopted this stance from classical paintings of the Roman Emperors. Study of the Roman Empire was quite common in France in the late 1700 to early 1800's. David created this image to emulate the Roman stance to try and elevate Bonaparte's "greatness" to that of the Roman Emporer's. Napoleon was not present when David undertook this work. The hand in the waistcoat is mere myth created by the artists, and primarily David. Other items appear in the painting with the same purpose, to enhance the image of Napoleon. The clock shows it is very early in the morning, and therefore presents Bonaparte as a workaholic (which was fact) with a  copy of the Code Napoleon giving the impression of a law maker. And so on.............but the hand in the waist coat? Nope.  


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Thanks for your reply kev7d, I had been looking for some evidence about the suggestion as nowhere is any of the books I have read about Bounaparte has it ever suggested he went through what would, at the time, have been a very risky and extremely painful procedure. It must be put down to that current phenomenon The Alternative Truth. it came from a site specialising in the medical subject and not the usual culprit of spurious fastoids.


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