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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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  1. Thanks to Korky & Clicker for setting this up for me and.................................................I'm back in time to vote
  2. So tiny I almost missed it, wished I had my Macro with me
  3. Purchased a stone planter at an auction, I knew this was a Peony but didn't expect this beauty
  4. Off again tomorrow, wonder what I can catch this time
  5. Great set. Wish I was a bit faster, these days by the time I have focused the little buggers are gone
  6. My caravan is not in its usual spot buy the hedging so I have to do with "Birds on a Wire" I have to admit I do tempt them in with a bit of seed but the other side of the fence is a large meadow with a wealth of food for them
  7. They are just Lovely I have a favorite reserve near Lockerbie I visit when nearby , they are a delight to watch and although the reds are quite bold I have never had them take from my hand. .....yet
  8. Thank you everyone. I was rather disappointed when I got to this spot as the sky did seem to have fallen a bit flat but it's amazing what you can pull out from a RAW file
  9. Taken from the Granites with Aurther's Seat and Firth of Forth in the distance
  10. Thank you for your comments. I did very little to this apart from cropping and lifting the shadows in the foreground, the sky was really spectacular
  11. One of my greatest pleasures, sitting in my caravan watching the weather
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