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  1. Lovely Poppy. I have a couple images lined up for treatment but thought we would freshen up the kitchen as we we wont be going anywhere soon. Beginning to wish I had just stuck with the flowers
  2. Thank you Dee, Hope you are back in your "Walking Boots"
  3. It is a very old image reworked many times, though I still don't know why I have never sorted the lace . I had forgotten about it until you pointed it out
  4. Barbara


    Thanks loki I often don't notice the finer details until pointed out by another pair of eyes
  5. Barbara


    I do have just one piece, which has a very long story to it. A piece of Chesterfield /Brampton Pottery , it came from the Swan Inn , Chesterfield circa1921
  6. Thanks Colin, it's something I have never tackled before, I do shoot raw and left iso on auto but I do think that my camera does not handle low light very well. Would love to upgrade but advancing years and increasing mobility issues I just couldn't justify it.
  7. Watched these Two Doo's doing what Doo's do throughout my summer visits to our caravan
  8. Delightful little birds, I'm still waiting to get a shot of these little creatures
  9. Watching a couple of lads sparring. Had problems with noise as the gym seemed quite bright but ceiling was very high. Work mostly Aperture Priority or manual, not very good with shutter priority iso1600 70mm f4 1 /1000sec Canon 70mm-300 & 80d B&W edited in Silver effects pro
  10. Barbara


    Thanks Polly I do have a few of my own but I always seem to be short of inspiration and generally end up with a bit of a hotch potch . I never have any preconceived Ideas when I start working with textures and just like to scan all my library for something I think may work. I do have an awful lot of unfinished bits that just won't gel and that one day I will go back and give another try
  11. Barbara


    Window light and with a couple of textures added.
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