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  1. Phonantiphon


    Maybe just a couple more...
  2. Phonantiphon


    Thank you! I'm quite pleased with it.
  3. Phonantiphon


    Shot I took from a recent trip to Toronto. I was just playing around and (I think) this turned our quite well...
  4. Phonantiphon


    A few - (and maybe a few more) - pix from a recent trip to Toronto...
  5. Phonantiphon


    Thank you! I love frogs, and you're right they do kind of look like they've done something wrong...
  6. Phonantiphon


    Clearing the undergrowth uncovered this cute little fellow!
  7. Phonantiphon

    Love Me Some Snails...

    Clearing the rockery, snails everywhere, these two little fellas were mighty fine specimens and, I think anyway, look rather nice in black and white...
  8. Phonantiphon

    Vintage Americana

    This might be a report but I revisited this shot of a vintage american car that I took a little while ago... I think I like this better.
  9. Phonantiphon

    Around Town

    So I've been experimenting with a kind of older black and white look...
  10. Phonantiphon

    Cones & Dried Fruits

    Hmm, that's an interesting idea... ...To the lightbox!!
  11. Phonantiphon

    Cones & Dried Fruits

    Heh - don't get me wrong, I was genuinely interested in how to get round that.
  12. Phonantiphon

    Cones & Dried Fruits

    Interesting, how could I have done it differently to avoid that?
  13. Phonantiphon

    Cones & Dried Fruits

    Playing with my lightbox again...
  14. Phonantiphon


    Thank you and yes it could perhaps be a little brighter, I think it might be a little *too* moody... I'll go away and have a fiddle with it I think!!
  15. Phonantiphon