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Hi to all our members ... We  would just like to draw your attention to the latest post on the following link... Thank you for your attention .If you have already responded to my note  on Chatbox  about this please ignore this sticky note ... Thanks  folks ....


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Weekly Challenge Discussion Thread

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Yay - is this new or did I miss it?

I have replied to your question in the Challenge thread :)

The only variation there should be to the challenges is the start time, this is dependent on when the winner is available to introduce the next comp. Let's assume that all members are available on the Saturday morning that the winner is declared, they would then start the next competition which will run for a period of 10 days (a week on Monday), that's 10 days to both take and upload your entry. On the Tuesday the challenge starter will introduce the poll which will run until Friday evening, with the winner declared Saturday morning.

I'll go back now and have a look at the previous comps, but I'm pretty sure that's how they have been run.

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Ah, I think I see where the confusion has come from.

The first 2 challenges were: Take images Monday to Friday, submit images Saturday to Monday. This was changed for challenge #3 to give members with busy lives more of a chance to participate.

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This Item of Clothing one is really challenging me, so I've got my serious photo-thinking head on at the moment... It's not helping, I'm wondering if more wine will help or not???

Ryewolf, your current project has given me a can idea for my clothing image! But its taken me to some dodgy websites whilst researching.......

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Just wondering what happens in the event on a tie in the voting for the Weekly Challenge?

We'll leave the vote open for a further 24 hours, if there still isn't an outright winner then we'll need to declare a tie and the winners agree on a theme... I guess :)

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We'll leave the vote open for a further 24 hours, if there still isn't an outright winner then we'll need to declare a tie and the winners agree on a theme... I guess :)

Sounds good, seems we have a tie-break situation with the latest Weekly Challenge...

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That sounds good to me :yes

No no no! Terribly unfair. How do we know people's circumstances and home situation that might affect when they are able to post their entry?

A tie is a tie and should be accepted as such. In my opinion. 

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Let's have a healthy debate about this. What do others think? I have often found that in other forums, people take a last minute snap shot just to enter as they have not tried or have time in the week. If you get in an early entry its usually because you have thought about it 1st and planned the shot. Then again people may not genuinely have the time until the weekend or last minutes.

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I was thinking on the lines of those that voted for someone else could re-vote for the ones that tied, even if only one managed to vote there is a winner.

also a tie is a tie, two comps running together, nothing wrong with that, as long as both comps are not where people have to travel, so there could be a selection subjects where they could do them at home or close to.


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