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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

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The Emigrants ...

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Taken in Liverpool last year .. a Bronze sculpture by Mark De Graffenreid in 2001 to honour the families who emigrated to the New World  sailing from the port of Liverpool. It was donated by the Mormon Church of the Latterday Saints 


emigrants ed1s8 ed1l.jpg

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It's wonderful how much a decent sky adds to an image Polly as does the light on the back of the subject.  Nice image

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Thanks John... you are right  of course ... ..I have a real pet hate of  blue  skies unless there is at least a 50% covering of cloud or it is  that golden hour at dawn or  dusk. The skies were really interesting the whole time we were in Liverpool ...so that was lucky . You can also make out all the padlocks on the chain barriers, denoting eternal love from thousands of  devoted couples who have visited the area over the years.. The keys are thrown into the Mersey  so there must be a load of metal under the water  there !

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A touching tribute to all the emigrating families and, I guess, those left behind. Lovely lighting and the sky is beautiful with those clouds. It’s interesting to think about the tribute as we don’t seem to focus much on what it meant for people leaving home to emigrate here. 

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