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Just to let you know we have some new challenges starting Monday 1st July 2019, you can find more details here:

New TIPF Challenges

Ryewolf Ryewolf

I'm looking for Cats, Capybara, Canals... What will you find?

Join us in the A-Z Challenge... Week 3 - The Letter C and see what you can find!!

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I think the second image has potential, maybe a conversion to mono, something like this (hope you don't mind) using Nik Silver Efex


Nik Silver Efex was a free program of filters offered by Google before DXO took over it. It works as a standalone program or can be used in any image software that supports the 8bf plugin file format. If you don't already have it let me know and I'll send you a link to download the original free program. I know there's quite a few on here that use the Nik collection including myself, Korky and FUJI.

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I Absolutely love the mono version.......because it adds drama through tonal values.


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I also like the mono conversion very much - it has a lot more impact.

I've used Silver Efex in the past but I tend to use Luminar / Tonality for mono conversions nowadays.

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Thanks for this, Rye. I do have Nik but obviously missed a trick in not using it this time. Your version is a big improvement on mine.

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