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Classics at Coventry continued ...


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Thanks John ....    The background was  rubbiish so I did a motion blur on a layer and  a vintage overlay at  just 25% opacity. Oh and I  removed the sign on the windscreen ....

For those who are interested .... here is the original ...


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What a piece of kit, eh? If I were to slide into driver's seat, I'd need a small winch to get me out again!

A very nice bit of PP work there, suits the subject really nicely.

Did you buy it?


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Just about every car has one underneath it there John ... It was a marble floor...

Thanks Korks ....Buy It ?????? What on earth makes you think  i could get into the driving seat  without doing irreparable harm to myself  !!

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When I was about 19 I was going out with a girl and our social evenings were spent in our local pub. The landlord said why don't you take her out and I told him she wouldn't ride pillion on my Bonneville. He chucked the keys to his E Type at me and said bugger off somewhere! So we did, and that was the one and only time I ever drove one?

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Thanks Gareth.... As you can see from the original Photo .... I had to edit and manipulate  the image,  in my opinion, to allow the  beauty    of the lines and shape of the  car to be shown in a way where there were no distractions ... like fire  extinguishers etc . Not everyone agrees with this and I respect that  view   .... however  maybe I should have posted this under manipulated  images on reflection.....?

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13 hours ago, Clicker said:

What a great story Denis...  the question is ... was it the girl or was it the car that sent you pulse racing .....?

The Bonneville came first, the girl a close second as she was a very petite, pretty, blue eyed blond, The E Type ? well lets say I was a bit too young to appreciate it. Too firm a drive, and felt to me to be tail heavy into bends.

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I see in yesterday’s press they re  going to make the electric version here... to order ...and upgrade existing ETypes  for those rich enough  to have the cost of a detached house as spare change in their back pocket !!!!

Ooops. Just noticed that  I’d knocked off  a wing mirror during the post processing ...  grrrr

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