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AS an avid Street Photographer I sometimes chance upon amazing subjects in low or poor light conditions...and...with going fully manual with a vintage lens adjusting settings is done speedily and sometimes off the mark.

Obviously hat can lead to complete failure...ot the satisfactory Art-Study.

The Film Noir, KODAK TRI X filters in NIK EFEX are brilliant for bringing studies up to standard.

Here the Ginger haired Skate boarder was resting on a bench in a poorly lit Arcade..he was happy to allow a portrait, so I had to alter settings quickly...got them wrong twice...third time lucky.


The colour version done using Nil Efex portrait modes...the mono version Film Noir


The subject in the Fair-Ride pay-booth was in extremely poor light...I don't believe in flash so ISO settings were very high.





ORANGE HAIR best colour vingnette good 2.jpg

ORANGE HAIR best mono film noir  2.jpg

COOPED UP mono .jpg

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You do some great street photography FUJI, but I have to say I'm not too keen on these.

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